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Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Son According To Sister Elite? (Who Lies)

Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. was born at 11:54 PM on March 2nd, 2010 weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz.

Finally, with all the false alarms and false reports. I am happy to announce that Keyshia Cole is in labor. She’s having a boy who will be named after his Daniel Gibson. You can read below to see all the drama, but this time it’s for real. Congrats! Via Monica

Keyshia Cole Gives birth Monica tweets Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Son According To Sister Elite? (Who Lies)


UPDATE: It turns out my source was right, never trust anything that comes from Keyshia’s so-called family at this point. Singer Monica says, Keyshia Cole has not had the baby, yet. Another false alarm, but we kind of figured that this time. Thanks Sandra Rose, for getting the real story:

Monica Says No Baby yet Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Son According To Sister Elite? (Who Lies)

I guess everyone is back on talking terms, or this too may be another false alarm. I was told not to believe everything that comes from Keyshia’s family, but according to Keyshia Cole’s sister, Elite, Keyshia Cole is officially a new mommy. I will keep you posted if any real news come in, but for now, Elite is confirming via twitter of all places that Keyshia Cole is officially a mom:

keyshia Cole baby1 Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Son According To Sister Elite? (Who Lies)

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  1. Mommie???….Mommy come on get it right!

    • @ Anon,

      That was my first thought, my second thought was I hope this is true

  2. That’s a shame that her sister Elite is seeking for some attention. At first I gave Elite more credit than her other family members but I see the whole family is very disfunctional

  3. congrats kc cant wait to see lil dj’s pics

  4. Congrats on ur special delivery my cole…I have followed u from the beginning of ur career and I have to say thank u…from ur first album to ur last ur were singing my life…gave a sista strength…I respect u for that…now on another note…I don’t know what happened between u and ur fam…and its no one’s business…just try and find it n ur heart to forgive them…and no matter how fail they mayb or what they may say…don’t allow anyone to disrespect them…cause they will always b a reflection of u…even if at times they don’t respect themselves….lastly ms.coles welcome to mommy hood ur son is going to b ur most priceless piece of art…and may God continue to bless u and ur fam…Please don’t forget music needs u and I need ur music…please don’t stop the music…muah and tell ur future husband he is a lucky man…he has got a special woman made for great things…

  5. keyshia i am happy for you and love you you are my hero and i want to say please have a great time being a mommy at last

  6. Keisha Cole,sister Elite thinks she is the star of keisha family.That tramp acts like Keisha owe her something. That bitch Elite,her ass is all on you tube talking shit,saying she don’t need Keisha and that Keisha don’t do nothing for her.this talking about bitches is jealous of her.come on now Elite get it together,you will never be Keisha.

  7. keyshia i love but ur family is some buss downs,elite is a bird n ya moms is a bobblehead!! keyshia u can lead the horse to water but u cant make em drink! keyshia deserves to be happy her family is an embarrassment!!frankie looks like a creature from jurastic park ughh!!elite is ugly n neffie to keyshia is the only pretty one outta frankie kids she is the best thing that ever happened to frankie! frankie thats y yvonne her momma (bitch)<–u tight

  8. ppl should not give their mouth the liberty to talk about K family like that. that description is for them to title each other and certainly not your place or position
    kiesha must be cringing

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