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Amber Rose Is Grace Jones Again; Semi-Nude With A Mic

My intellect gets in the way of me appreciating this homage to Grace Jones, but as much as I love Amber Rose and as great as her body is, I feel like she needs to not just copy Grace Jones, but study Grace Jones, and make it her own. I feel like Simon Cowell right now, it’s a great picture and all, but Amber Rose just didn’t own it. I hope that wasn’t too negative because I don’t want Kanye West ranting about me not knowing style, but look at the angles, it’s an art. Not to mention the light skin vs dark skin contrast. It’s just so complicated and so much to discuss, in such a small space.  Anyway…Which do you like better the original (Grace Jones) or the remake (Amber Rose)?

Amber, She so fine! (that’s from Sparkle the movie).

Amber Rose Channel Grace Jones Nude Mic Amber Rose Is Grace Jones Again; Semi Nude With A Mic

grace jones mic nude Amber Rose Is Grace Jones Again; Semi Nude With A Mic

[It’s an art, look at the head tilt, the lines, the angles, the twist. Grace Jones was the original baddest and people didn’t appreciate her until now. So I’m glad Amber Rose is making us remember.]

BTW, this not the first time Amber has channeled Grace Jones, click here and here.

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  1. naw thats just black art period. grace jones looks like a mankin. flawless

    • @sweet2,

      It’s the art of the pose.

    • @sweet2, Umm no, the quality just isn’t there.

  2. Amber is not even doing Grace justice; not mad at the nudity, but she should have left this alone

    • @Quick,

      …or saved it for later, after she had more experience

  3. Only a blind man with no taste would say that the jet black, no titty, no hips, bony legged, immoral living with 2 white men grace jones is more beautiful, than amber LOL LOL

    amber is a very beautiful WOMAN

    grace looks like a black gazelle in the wild

    • @valerie,

      A narrow-minded view of beauty would make someone say that. I learn from this blog not to over react, when people are trying to push buttons.

      It’s not about who looks better, it’s about who poses better. It’s about a craft.

      Surely Amber Rose the stripper and lesbian, isn’t more immoral than Grace Jones. Surely not…

  4. LOL & SMDH @ 1 of your previous commentors (not even going to say which one)!
    Some things just can not be duplicated and it is more than just the pose. Grace “OWNED” this artistic representation of an African Gazelle! The lines are flawless! It is not at all about the body but what she does with it! (I feel like on of those reality show judges but…) 2 things stick out for me here. 1- Grace’s pose appears effortless, look at the calmness of her face opposed to the scream on Amber’s face. And 2- Amber appears to be holding on to that foot for dear life while Grace is barely touching her’s, perfect lines and perfect balance.
    My mom had a lot of those African statues back in the 70′s and that is what Grace reminds me of here, A+ or 10!
    Amber does get an E for effort though.

    • @regina,

      Sometimes you just have to ignore certain things!

      As far as Grace, I couldn’t agree more. It just escapes you that she’s modeling, she almost becomes the pose.

  5. I would have to agree with you MrsGrapevine on this one. Amber is a BAD ish (gotta girl crush and everything) but Grace reflect art in her work. Grace is “Art” walking to where Amber just copied and pasted. Agree with studing Grace and “owning” it. Something should NEVER be copied & Grace Jones is one of those things.

    • @Nika,

      Gotta a girl crush, too, so it’s hard for me to say no that’s not it.

  6. I remember seeing this posted before seeing the grace jones comparision thinking “I’ve seen this before but something is off”. now I know why. Team original.
    I agree that maybe if she had attempted this pose later, it could have possibly come close to the athleticism and effortless poise of the original.
    Look @ Grace Jones. she reminds me of a yoga instructor telling the class to ease into a pose as if it were the easiest thing ever, and you’re attempting to do it as you think ‘I am nowhere close’. this is what Amber Rose should have thought. She’s beautiful, but it just doesn’t work. it actually looks more artistic in the frame (on his blog).

    btw, love the site mrs.grapevine! it’s bookmarked and in the daily lineup :)

    • @Carrien,

      I so agree, you can’t knock Amber’s style, beauty, or body, but as far as form, she’s missed the mark. I still like her, but this made her look like an amateur. I bet she will revisit it later, and blow us away with her own style and lines. She has to work with her body type. Less angles for Amber and more curves.

  7. Comparing the beautiful Swan Amber to the Black Buzzard Grace is just downright ignorant.

    • @A Swan compared to a Buzzard,

      I think calling Grace a buzzard because of her skin color is beyond ignorance…it’s hateful!!!

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, You are truly showing your ignorance!



    • @A Swan Compared to a Buzzard,

      Some think everything mixed with white is. SMH!

  9. White rascist love to give their stamp of approval to the WORST black people, and dumb negroes fall in line to agree.

    The grace jones statute is:
    her personality sucks
    her legs are like a giraffe
    her tits are so little an ant couldn’t suck ‘em
    she looks like she got a bullet wound in her butt
    her head is beady and bald
    she has no hips


    • @janice,

      That sounds like a preference to me. So you like light skinned, big boobed women with knife wounds instead, and permed or bleach weaves.

      Just cause that’s your preference doesn’t make it the standard, or change the fact that people find her beautiful.

  10. Grace Jones all the way! Amber is a pretty girl, however Grace Jones is a testament to the original, edgy black beauty! Nowadays every ethnic chick is trying to shave her head and get tatted to be edgy or “to the left” Grace invented that, and maintained true beauty- ultimately redefining narrow preconceptions of what beauty really is. People need to recognize beauty in many forms, colors and sizes. Every black woman doesn’t have to have a big ass and titties to be considered beautiful and those who think they do, are obviously just trying to make themselves feel better, hiding under layers of “thickness” as an excuse to not have to exercise. ciao!

  11. shes not black therefore she shouldnt be imitating grace…case closed… Gabrielle union must was busy…that would have been a great comparison.

    • thats true,why re mixed or coloured poeple called black, that woman is far from beeing a black woman, what do u people see black or her. is it just because shes got i big ass..so stopp comparing these two women,they re noway close… i would ve understood at least if it was kelly rawland,but this amber think aint no pure black,shes mixed thas all.

  12. @valerie, we white men love the black women

  13. Grace Jones appears to really be feeling the pose. Amber Rose just looks like she is posing!

  14. Putting aside personal preference over who one thinks is more attractive, anyone who has studied, worked in or shown any remote interest in art, fashion, or design can tell you that the Grace Jones photo is superior to the Amber Jones (which is still a decent imitation).

    Amber has a fraction of the flexibility and it’s very evident. Grace’s lower torso is nearly parallel to the ground while still maintaining a very upright posture in the neck and shoulder area. Look at how high she keeps her arms and shoulders. Observe how much more her upper torso faces the camera compared to Amber. Take note of the subtle tilt in Grace’s head, the way she barely has to touch her raised foot, the bend of her knee (likely more difficult than keeping a locked knee). Also look at the huge rectangular empty space Grace makes with her long flexible back, arm and leg. Amber makes a much smaller, less impressive square.

    Finally, Grace looks like she’s truly in mid-motion, ready to lunge or take a big stride forward (helped also by the slanted angle of the shot). Amber looks very stiff and static, stuck in a pose she can barely pull off in comparison. This is all the difference between a professional who makes the shot beautiful vs. an amateur who happens to be quite attractive. Amber’s shot is a nice homage but it falls short in so many ways.

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