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When A woman Brings Out The Best In You: Brad Pitt & Swizz Beatz

Perhaps I have been too hard on Brad Pitt and Swizz Beatz over their extra marital affairs, and leaving their marriages to pursue a relationship with their “soul mates”.¬† Although, I don’t like how the relationship started, I will say their is a noticeable change in both men, for the better. Brad Pitt donated $1 Million to Haiti relief fund, and we can’t forget the fact that he he moved to New Orleans to aid in the rebuilding efforts, after Hurricane Katrina. When I see Brad with Zahara and his other children, I get all teary-eyed…

Before his relationship with Alicia Keys, I’ve never really heard of Swizz Beatz being the first in the line to help with a crisis. In fact, there was little to no press regarding Swizz Beatz and his philanthropic work. Not saying that he didn’t do any (I heard he sells his painting for charity);¬† just saying it wasn’t publicized or as visible.

One of the unsung heroes behind the Haiti Telethon Collaboration of Jay-Z, Bono, Rihanna, and The Edge, was song writer/producer  Swizz Beatz; who created the song Stranded.

Now that he’s with Alicia Keys, perhaps we will see more of this side of him, as well as some his art work:

Swizz beatz Haiti Crisis When A woman Brings Out The Best In You: Brad Pitt & Swizz Beatz

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  1. Brad Pitt – Brad seemed to gel better with Angelina as they both wanted kids and Angelina fulfilled that. He seems like a good father and Jen (though I sympathised with her) seemed as if she was more career focussed (which is entirely her perogative). It just doesn’t work if you two outgrow each other married or not.

    Re Swizz – He made a brilliant point that people are too concerned about who he sleeping with as opposed to how good a father he truly is. Apparently, though he was legally married to Mashonda, they were separated so I don’t see that as infidelity just ‘unfortunate’ especially how Alicia is being portrayed as some b*sh who split a family up.

    All in all.. we don’t have a clue what went on in either relationships… We can only speculate…

    Love your blog by the way

    • @MaddaPeppa,

      I’m still struggling with the marriage part, and it’s Mashonda’s word vs Swizz Beatz. I know Alicia Keys knew, probably tried to respect it, but the feelings were there.

      But, I will say, that doesn’t make them bad people…People should be measured by their life as a whole.

  2. I understand Brad Pitt but Swizz really these celebrity women and groupies need to tell these dudes to start straping on. How many kids does Swizz have? 1 outside America wow and might I add while he was married to Mashonda wow. He was probably giving love to A-keys and Mashonda at the same time…..you know this ppls. If I was A-keys if love was really there I would hold off til things are over be woman about yours. No offense but do we need more children out of wedlock I know they are getting married but its the same thing. And when his career hits the fan you will be paying for all his child support payments. Scary he has 3 or more already thats a nice chunk of change………PS just cuz you get married while your prego its still out of wedlock

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