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Mo’Nique Revealed She Was Molested “Touched” By Her Older Brother

Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Honors, Celebrity Interviews | 2 comments

67th Golden Globes Awards monique4 MoNique Revealed She Was Molested Touched By Her Older Brother I know this is old, but during Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, she said, “I celebrate this award with every person that’s ever been touched. It’s now time to tell.” For some reason people were confused by what she meant by that statement. She was not saying anyone who was “touched by the film”, she was saying anyone who has been molested.

So here is an interview from a 2008 interview, where Mo’Nique talks about her older brother started molesting her at a young age of seven, and how her parents refused to believe it. I know it’s hard for people to talk about such issues, but talking is the only way to stop it.

“I was molested by my older brother. And even when I confronted him and told my parents, he said I was lying, and nothing was really done.”

Mo’Nique added that her brother molested her four times over the course of four years. He often used candy to lure her into the bathroom, where much of the abuse took place, beginning when Mo’Nique was just seven. Her parents, never believed her. She explained:

“because me and my brother were both their children, and I just don’t know the kind of position they felt they were in. My father was very upset, but it never got mentioned again. I’ll never forget my mother saying, ‘If it’s true, it will surface again,’ and I remember thinking, ‘Why would I lie? Why is there even an if in this?’ I was angry with them for so long, because I felt as if they should have seen what was happening. My brother was a monster to me.

Her brother went on to serve 15 years in prison for sexually abusing another girl and has never apologized for Mo’Nique’s sexual abuse.

“He still acts like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. So screw hurting your feelings. You need to get your feelings hurt, and you need to get some help. {Source}

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Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Shoot With Derek Blanks

Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Photos | 4 comments

I told you in an earlier post, Kelly Rowland is gearing up for 2010, and a new year of freedom from her pervious management (Papa Knowles), as well as a new album. As promised,  here are the pictures from her Alter Ego shoot with the notorious Derek Blanks. I pray this is the year for Kelly Rowland to shine, and I pray her old “management” allows her a fair chance to shine.

Kelly Rowland Derek Blanks Alter Ego Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Shoot With Derek Blanks

Kelly Rowland Derek Blanks Alter Ego2 Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Shoot With Derek Blanks

Kelly Rowland Derek Blanks Alter Ego4 Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Shoot With Derek Blanks

Kelly Rowland Derek Blanks Alter Ego3 Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Shoot With Derek Blanks

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Talk Show Host Montel Williams’ Kids Say He’s A Bad Father Although He Pays Them Well

Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids | 4 comments

Montel Williams is a bad father, according to his children. The talk show host has been entangled  in a custody battle for the past ten years.  He currently pays $18,700 a month in child support, but hardly sees his children Montel and Wyntergrace, and they are upset about it. Most children would just be happy with a large check ($18,700 a month), but not Montel and Wyntergrace, they actually want to spend some quality time with their father who’s to busy saving other children and ignoring his own.

alg montel williams Talk Show Host Montel Williams Kids Say Hes A Bad Father Although He Pays Them Well

My dad is now like a stranger,” Wyntergrace, who turns 15 this week, told the Daily News. “Everyone knows him as a great guy, but he’s not making the best choices as a parent.”

I wouldn’t say I really have a relationship with my dad,” the younger Montel said. “He’s not in my life right now. It’s his choice. “I eat every night. I’m comfortable, but I can’t say I have him as a father,” he added. “There’s all this fighting over things that shouldn’t be a fight, like paying for my PSAT.” (I’m sorry is he pays $18,700 a month in child support, why in the world should he have to pasy for the PSATs #imjustsayin)

Wyntergrace has seen him four times in five years and their last meeting – a therapy session in September – was a disaster. “He walked in already mad. He said he thought we were going to dinner, but my e-mail clearly said we were going to see my therapist,” she said. “It was intimidating. I was thinking, ‘Why should I talk if I’m just going to get yelled at?’ {Source}

Sounds like a publicity stunt. The lawyer probably put the kids up to this to get more money so they can close the settlement as fast as possible.

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