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Rihanna’s Dad Says Singer Pushed Him Out Of Her Life

Here we go with another he said/she said story involving Rihanna. This time it involves her dad, Ronald Fenty. Drop It Like It’s Pop features a story that details a fight between Rihanna and her father that lead to an estranged relationship. The incident started when Ronald Fenty became drunk during Rihanna’s tour and acted like a jerk (His words not mine). Upset with her father’s behavior Rihanna sent her father home packing, and the two haven’t been on speaking terms since (It’s been over a year).

Rihanna says she tried to reach out to her father before and that he wouldn’t return her calls. She also claims that Ronald Fenty shut her out of his life. Ronald Fenty on the other hand says he’s been trying to reach out to Rihanna, but she won’t return any of his calls; he’s left several messages.  Mr. Fenty said he hasn’t talked to his daughter in over a year. Most importantly, Fenty says he’s “sorry” and he “misses” his baby girl.

MGV Says: Rihanna tried to reach out to him first, but his ego made him act stubborn. After the Chris Brown assault, I’m sure some old memories surfaced and she just didn’t want her father back in her life at that point. You know the ones where he broke her mom’s nose. Being a father, Ronald Fenty, was concerned and wanted to help Rihanna after the assault, but by that point it was too late, their relationship was strained. Anyway, I hope they can work it out. She’s forgiven her father for much worst, including a crack addiction, and domestic violence cases invloving her mom.

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Rihanna’s heartbroken dad told last night how his daughter has banished him from her life.

Ronald Fenty says the star – who will perform on X Factor tonight – has refused to speak to him following a row.

They had a bust-up when Rihanna, 21, discovered her dad was drunk ahead of a gig and last week she said: “I haven’t been in touch with my dad for a year and a half… by his choice.

“He came on tour and acted a mess. We sent him home and after that he didn’t answer my calls.” Ronald, 56, is upset by his daught e r ‘s claims and is desperate to be part of her life again.

The penniless father of five said from Barbados: “Robyn (Rihanna’s real name) is going around saying I don’t want to be in touch with her.

“I leave messages for her but I never hear back. I want nothing more in this world than to see my daughter again and to be part of her life.

“I speak to my children every day and to have gone so long without speaking to Robyn is heartbreaking. I am very distressed about it.” He added: “What makes it all the more sad is our argument was over nothing. I had been on her tour for four weeks and things were fantastic.

“But in Chicago I got drunk before a gig – I acted like a jerk.

“I remember Robyn being really upset and saying? ‘Dad, you are going home’. One of her assistants put me on a plane back to Barbados. I have not seen or heard from Robyn since.”

He added: “I just want to send a message to her to say, ‘I’m sorry and I love you.'”

The row comes after Rihanna – whose hits include Umbrella and Disturbia – forgave her dad for his crack cocaine use which she had to witness as a nine-year-old.  [Source]

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