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UPDATE: NFL Reciever Chris Henry Of Cincinnati Bengals Dead After Falling From Truck

UPDATE: Chris Henry, 26, of the Cincinnati Bengals has died from injuries he suffered after falling from a moving pick-up truck during a domestic dispute with his fiancee. Continue reading below for details:

Police say Henry died at 6:36 a.m. Thursday. Henry was 26.

Loleini_Tonga_Chris_HenryChris Henry, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals was found on the side of the road after falling from a moving pick-up truck during a domestic dispute. Henry and his fiancée Loleini Tonga who was allegedly driving the pick-up truck, got into a fight. While  Loleini Tonga was pulling away from the house, Chris Henry jumped into the bed of the pick-up truck. The fighting continued and at some point during the dispute, Henry fell from the bed of the truck. He was eventually found about a half-mile away from his home on the side of the road. The woman’s name in the police report was withheld, but sources have named Loleini Tonga as that unidentified woman.

Henry had his share of problems on & off the field, including marijuana possession and weapons charges. But, it sounds like he was turning his life around, and just signed a two year contract with the Bengals, after initially being cut.

Currently, Chris Henry is the hospital in serious condition fighting for his life:

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP)—Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry is “battling for his life” after falling out of the back of a pickup during what police described as a domestic dispute with his fiancee on Wednesday.

Henry was found in the road in south Charlotte “apparently suffering life-threatening injuries,” according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. Police spokesman Robert Fey said officers were stationed near the 26-year-old Henry’s hospital room. He had no information on Henry’s condition, but said he was alive.

Police said a dispute began at a home just before noon and Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee—whom they did not identify by name — was driving away from the residence.

“The domestic situation continued between the operator and Mr. Henry,” the police said in a statement. “At some point while she was driving, Mr. Henry came out of the back of the vehicle.”

Henry was found on a residential street about half a mile (800 meters) from the home when police were called to the scene. Fey wouldn’t identify the woman and said no charges would be filed Wednesday.

Henry is engaged to Loleini Tonga, and the couple has been raising three children. {Source}

I just found a video of Chris Henry discussing his past troubles off the field and explaining how his fiancee, Loleini Tonga, helped him turn his life around at Pig Skin Loving Lady.  To watch the video, click here.


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