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Natalie Nunn Of Bad Girls Club Says Chris Brown Did Hit It

Natalie_Nunn_Chris_brownNatalie Nunn of Bad Girls Club says she smashed the homie, Chris Brown. She also says that if Chris Brown denies her one more time, she’s going to release some nude pictures she has of the young pop star. Wow, I must have missed something, when did it become popular for women to brag about being mistresses or sleeping with men? I didn’t realize the new trend in Hollywood, in order to become famous, was to smash someone; anyone for that matter and just put it out there for the world to know.

Chris Brown denied hooking up with Natalie Nunn. Natalie Nunn said she hooked up with Chris Brown, then recanted and took it back, and now she’s putting it back out there, again. She admits that they never dated, and it was simply a hook-up for the sake of hooking-up. Somehow she’s proud about that, and wants the world to know. I wonder if she sent that text message the night of the assault.

IDK, Natalie Nunn just sounds a little suspect. She claims she was in her pajamas at his house. Funny I didn’t take her for the pajamas type, and why is she wearing full make-up and jewelry.  The pictures look platonic to me. I don’t understand Natalie’s motives, so I’m going to mark this one as “suspicious”. Sounds like she’s trying to get some Tiger Woods side-piece type of fame from the situation. You must listen to the audio from the interview above because Natalie reveals some intimate details that may make your mouth drop.

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