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Is Alicia Keys A Diva; Is Alicia Keys Album Un-Inspiring?

alicia keys bet awards dress21 Is Alicia Keys A Diva; Is Alicia Keys Album Un Inspiring?When you are a media darling, you can do no wrong, but when one little secret is exposed, the media does whatever it can to get all the dirt on you. I’m not a big Alicia Keys fan when it comes to her music, it lacks the soul of Jill Scott or the rawness and depth of India.Arie, but I am a fan of her philanthropic spirit and her musicality. I know I have been hard on her for her mistress status, but that’s because I’m a biased married woman.

Anyway, Miss Keys has been receiving some unfavorable reviews of her new album, and some even more unfavorable press.

According to UK Mirror, Alicia Keys was offered hotel suite in the UK at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge worth over 5,000 pounds, and after arriving Miss Keys decided she wasn’t feeling the “vibe” at the hotel, and walked away:

My source reveals: “The hotel had been in discussion with Alicia’s team for a week, preparing her suite with her favourite ­flowers, scents and goodies. The ­hotel’s Rib Room entrance on Sloane Square had even been closed off at her bodyguard’s request for her arrival. But when they saw the Luxury Suite, Alicia and her people asked for something bigger.

“They were told there wasn’t ­anything bigger and that the Luxury Suite was the biggest and best in the hotel.

“Basically, Alicia took one look and said she ‘didn’t feel the vibe’. And when she does that, she’s not joking, so the whole ­entourage piled into her limo and left.”

If you’re planning on buying Alicia Keys’ new album, you may want to read the review in the Washington Post, The Element of No Surprise.

Like all of Keys’s discs, it’s manicured and lovely sounding, a musical edition of Oprah’s Book Club filled with songs of personal growth, romantic struggle and self-acceptance, done nicely, if not always well.

Is there any singer on the planet who plays it safer than Alicia Keys?

She started out as an ivory-pumping neo-soul prodigy, a female Prince, except without the sex. She has wound up the Sheryl Crow of R&B, an all-purpose pop star whose fame has far outstripped her record sales, whose celebrity is her brand. Like Crow, she’s the uncontroversial choice for inaugural events, Grammy Awards, corporate-sponsored tours and subpar James Bond themes. [Source]

It sounds like the best song on the CD is the duet with Beyonce, Put It in a Love Song. I’m not mad at Alicia Keys from walking away from the hotel, if it’s not big enough, it’s just not big enough.

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  1. I haven’t heard the whole album but I have heard “put it in a love song” and that song sucks. So the author of that review must be tone deaf.
    I think it sucks that so much bad press is being thrown her way over the words of a jarred spouse of her man or shall we say soon to be ex-spouse. I’m sorry but some photos w/o dates and her accusations don’t mind a thing to me. I mean really, who wants to admit that their man left because of them? Not too many people so yeah I can see her trying to blame it on someone else. I don’t see her making public appearances with the man she is having an affair with when they both know people will see them. Mashonda needs to just come to terms that their spark is gone and move on. That’s the problem with women today. Always willing to bash one another other than stand by one another. All of these woemn bashing Alicia but truly have no idea of what the truth really is. Try building one another up. There is enough going on to tear us down why assist!

  2. @ Boss Lady:

    So why then get married? If you’re not trying to commit to your vows then why take vows, and swear.

    2) The media and insiders knew Alicia and Swizz were a couple before Mashonda knew. The pictures aren’t out dated; Swizz just admitted it’s been going on for two years.

    3) Mashonda kept quiet for a long time, and allowed Swizz to market the divorce as amicable, when it wasn’t. He has more money and power. She could be quiet, but she doesn’t have to.

    4) Wait, Aren’t you bashing Mashonda, without knowing the truth.

    5)How exactly do you build the other woman up? If Swizz moved on then he should have handled his business. Yes, the ink may not have to be dry, but the papers should at least be filed.

  3. I think we hold certain celebs up on a pedestal, and when they are found to be imperfect it’s a bigger deal that it should be. Take Tiger & Alicia. They haven’t done anything out of the ordinary, but because we confused their faultless “brand” with them being faultless humans, their infidelity is big news.

    I just feel bad for Mashonda and Tiger’s wife…karma will take care of their cheating spouses, so i chose to leave it alone.

  4. If another celebrity was occupying it, I bet she would want it. lol. The problem is that ish was vacant.

  5. I love alicia keys and wil continue to support no matter wat people say becoz they didnt no anything and they’re makin’ as if that story is part of their stupid and lame life.!!
    Get a life people and stop hatin’ n mrs bitch grapevine also!!!
    Album is fire gna get it this week 4 sure!!!!!1
    Fuck those assholes of haters!!!!!!
    I will always hv respect 4 alicia keys becoz she’s doin’ so much 2 kids in africa!!!!!!!???????????????????

  6. @ Martin:

    *Yawns* sounds like a Chris Brown tweet.

  7. LMAO @ “sounds like a Chris Brown tweet” ; i hate internet gangsters who hard enough to call you out your name, but can’t leave an email or site…#somethingaintright

  8. @ Martin:


  9. @ Bosslady…
    I don’t understand why people keep saying that “a bunch of pictures w/o dates don’t mean anything”. NEWSFLASH: these pictures are taken from high profile photo agencies.. Splash News, INF, Bauer Griffin, Fame Pictures, and so on to name a few. Anyone who has access to them knows that the pictures HAVE dates. They are arranged in chronological order, and when you download them they come bundled with data that tell you the name of the event, when it took place, and who took the picture. So yes, sweetie, the pictures DO reveal that he was sleeping with both of them prior to any separation news. In any case, Mashonda & Alicia Keys are label mates. If we the public knew of them being married and not separated, then she would’ve known too. (Hell, white folk don’t care about Dame Dash but we still knew when he and Rachel Roy split.) Mashonda has no reason to lie — as she’s not gaining anything. Keys on the other hand, as we have seen, has everything to lose.

    With Tiger Woods & Alicia Keys, no one placed them on a pedestal — they walked up and sat on it. They both created their images on the basis that they were positive, upstanding people. They are the ones who spoke as if they were holier than thou in their interviews. And when you do that, instead of just being real, you set yourself up when you cannot measure up to the image you constructed.

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