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Chris Brown Leaked; Famous Girl About Rihanna; 20/20 Interview Dec 4th

People like to create drama between Chris Brown and Rihanna when they have both moved on. Now we’re analyzing the lyrics to Famous Girl to see if Chris Brown takes shots at Rihanna. I don’t know if people only listened to half the song, but if he takes shots at Rihanna, then he also takes shots at himself, because the second half of the song is about all the things he did wrong, Famous Boy. Sadly, people seem to ignore that part, and try to turn this song into a dis track against Rihanna. Famous Girl is a song about dating while famous, and yes it includes some personal information regarding the two, but he’s not trying to call her out anymore than he’s trying to call himself out. After all he admits to cheating in the song, and breaking hearts. (Listen to Chris Brown Album)


[Click here to see Chris Brown’s new album cover]

Also Chris Brown’s 20/20 interview has been moved up, it will now air Friday, December 4th (that’s in two days). He’s suppose to come clean, whatever that means! Unless he’s going to reveal who sent the text messages, I’m not sure what he’s coming clean about.

Last but not least, MTV’s The Leak, has the full album for your listening pleasure. Something tells me Rihanna fans will buy more records on December 8th than they did on November 23rd.

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