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Chris Brown Vibe Interview Plus Photo Shoot; Talks Bow-Tie, Will Smith, Rihanna

As VIBE relaunch their magazine, they decided to feature Chris Brown, as well as Drake on the cover. Surely this year has probably been the worst year in the life of Chris Brown compared to Drake who had a Cinder-Fella year in rap, which ended with two Grammy nods for a mix tape. Chris Brown may have been knocked down, but he certainly hasn’t been knocked out. Read below as he opens up to Vibe. (I wish they would have done this interview after his twitter rant).

Is there any time a man can justifiably hit a woman?

Nah, never. It’s never okay for a man to hit a woman but it’s [also] never okay for a woman to hit a man. I think domestic violence is not just men on women. Statistically does it happen? Yes. But as a whole it should be looked upon as a mutual thing. It should never be always one-sided. Nobody knows every side of anybody’s life or anybody’s story. It’s not good to put your hands on anybody, period. Both parties. A woman and man, it doesn’t matter. Domestic abuse isn’t just physical. It starts with verbal. Nobody just fights because of whatever. It usually starts from an argument. That’s what goes back to the counseling. Learning how to control your anger and learning how to control situations.

Chris Brown Vibe Interview RElaunch Chris Brown Vibe Interview Plus Photo Shoot; Talks Bow Tie, Will Smith, Rihanna

If it wasn’t for all this attention, do you think you and Rihanna would have gotten back together?

Yeah, if it wasn’t for the media and everything else, I think it would have definitely been that. I still would have done counseling or try to do a group thing with me and her but it was something that needed to be resolved before it escalated further.

Chris Brown Vibe Interview RElaunch4 Chris Brown Vibe Interview Plus Photo Shoot; Talks Bow Tie, Will Smith, Rihanna

You said Will Smith called you to offer support. How did that phone conversation go?

Me and him met at certain events but it never was on some, “What’s up man? We going to hang out.” But when I needed him the most, that’s when he stepped in. I was in my house in Virginia and he just called me and said he wanted to talk to me and said his family is praying for me. He basically went into his personal situations. I don’t want to give away what we was talking about?just talking about life and decisions and how choices we make affect the world. Others [reached out] like David Banner, Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, so many people that cared.

Chris Brown Vibe Interview RElaunch3 Chris Brown Vibe Interview Plus Photo Shoot; Talks Bow Tie, Will Smith, Rihanna

Your bow tie also wound up being a big distraction.

That’s just my swag. People don’t understand how I dress. I don’t try to do what everybody else do. Like the bow tie. The bow tie had its own Twitter page. That was kind of funny. I was laughing. I’m actually following the bow tie now. It says stuff like, “Yeah, man, I’m right under your chin.” [Laughs.] (Thank @Freshalina for the bow-tie movement)

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  1. The photo story is awesome; too bad i can’t take it seriously thanks to his little twitter outburst

  2. I am not Chris lawyer or anything, but i would advise him to stop talking about Rihanna now, time to stop, make the rest of your interviews rihanna free

  3. @Sodopop,I agree, but when you are truly in love or have geniue love for a person, it’s hard to just act as though it never happen. I also agree if the media,courts and people in general have let them work out their own situation on their own freely, maybe the both of them would be better in their everyday life. Good luck to both and keep God first.

  4. I do take his interview serious… he’s a young man at 20 years old who has too mature and once he goes into adulthood there will be a change. We all were his age at one time and made some poor choices.Chris Brown was a 19 year old kid in february of last year, turning 20 in May. He as I said has some maturing to do.I believe it’s hard letting go of his first love, they met at 15, started dating at 17… I do pray that now that 2010 is here, the media and the blogs will let this young man move forward in his life.I wish for them both, blessing and a peaceful New Year and years to come.

  5. I’m glad he stated sometimes verbal arguements can turn into fights because it is true. Something had to make him snap and he knows that… now. Not saying if he is mad he should beat her up, but atleast he knows there is a problem that need to be solved with his anger. I wish him the best in life. Certain celebrity men that had this same issue didnt get this much judgement passed on him. He is strong.

  6. i agree..move on an stop talkin bout her…im ur biggest fan an i thnk its 4 tha best {-_-} lov alwayz

  7. they ask a question and he only answer the truth okay he do not talk as much as she do because she is still in love with chris and he is still in love with her he have move on and the judge know that before all of this chris was a good kid and still is she feels what she gave him was harsh and she is going to cut him some slack because she was influnce with the media she every one see how charlie sheen walking around and being invited to all of what is happening with his own people and chris people is draging him in the ground but he his a helva young man and strong because GOD gothis back he is young and going to say stupid thing and do stupid thing but you’ll still letting this grown ass man charlie sheen do what he wants to do and not saying a word i think you’ll scare he is going to get one of his cop freind to do somebody in you’ll needs to let chris do what he do best sing dance act write music and do video he is a good kid before and after

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