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Gabrielle Union: ” When Will We Come Together & Demand More From Ourselves”

Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Quotes | 15 comments

hollyrod designcare gabrielle union3 Gabrielle Union:  When Will We Come Together & Demand More From OurselvesWhy are we all so quick to stop looking in the mirror at our own troubled lives…bad credit, lack of education or job skills, poor choices with the opposite sex, trying to live like Diddy when our homes are getting foreclosed, gossiping, jealous ranting or hating, or even not communicating with loved ones…its soooooo much easier to be obsessed with Tiger and Elin than dealing with our own troubled relationships…why get counseling for your daddy/mama/brother sister/relationship issues when we can hunt down a distraught woman and her 2 young children like animals??!! Why worry about how to pay for healthcare when we can laugh and joke about Lindsey Lohan.

I can’t take Gabrielle Union seriously in this op-ed on Global Grind that I spotted at Necole Bitchie. I think it’s funny how the blogs and the media are responsible for Tiger having multiples affairs on his wife. In fact, it was the media that turned a blind eye why that man, received endorsement after endorsement for being a stand-up public figure, when in reality they knew he was a habitual adulterer. Why should people spend their hard earn money buying into a dream sold by the image of Tiger Woods, when in reality he’s not taking his responsibility seriously. I’m glad I know that Tiger Woods is a dog, that way instead of spending my mortgage buying Nike product, I can spend it buying Adidas.

I tell you why people are so concerned, because they buy into the trash that people like Gabrielle Union sell them. They believe you when you tell them this movie you’re in is the best movie you’ve done so far. They believe the lies you employ when you want to market something down their throats, so that you can make money off of their hopes. So when you’re concerned about foreclosure when people are gossiping, how about a refund when your movie isn’t the best you’ve done.  Every celebrity likes the benefits of the system, free gifts bags, big pay checks, and endorsements, but they don’t want to deal with the negative. Speaking of health care, why haven’t I seen many of you on the forefront of getting this thing passed. Every body and their grandmother was there when Barack Obama was the popular thing to do, but now so many celebrities are sitting on their hand doing nothing. But when they have a new movie out, they are on every TV program and blog promoting their agenda.

Lindsay Lohan needs someone to be concerned because the people she surrounded herself with only enabled her behavior. It was the media that said something is wrong, Lohan family help your child.

Guess what, everyday people get talked about, and they learn to deal with it. They don’t have the money or the power given to celebrities, but they don’t feel entitled, either. Those rumors celebs hate so much keeps the checks coming, it keeps the promotion going. But in real life, it just hurts, and there are no rewards. So I’m definitely not sorry about Tiger Woods, if anything I’m sorry for Elin, but thanks to the media, she has a better since of the truth than she did when Tiger Woods was telling her nothing but lies.

In closing, celebs are blessed to have a mirror that tells them when they are doing wrong, and when they are going in the wrong direction. They also have the resources to change and to seek help. So when a person on a blog tell you your ankles are ashen, next time make sure you wear some extra lotion. If a person on a blog says your movie wasn’t the greatest, next time seek a better role. The world is a mirror, and we all mess up, and we all suffer consequences. Your consequences may be a tabloid article, but for some of us it may be a lot worst.

Gabrielle Union is right! Perhaps none of us need to be concerned with celebrities at all, so perhaps we should stop spending our hard earn money buying the stupid products they endorse. Perhaps we should stop buying the music, watching the films, and going to the games. We should stop having opinions. Then we’ll see who does it because it’s their passion and talent, versus those who do it for the money and fame. The great thing about a mirror is that you have to really look in it before you can see what’s reflected back.

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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Plus Bodyguard Shoe Shopping In NYC

Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Sightings | Comments Off

We already know you’re together. Swizz confirmed it on twitter, so what’s the point in going out of your way to appear like you’re not together. The damage is done, and everyone has moved on. Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys were spotted shopping at Christain Louboutin in NYC. Now you know, only a man in love with a woman would go shoe shopping with her.

alicia keys Swizz Beatz shoe Shopping Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Plus Bodyguard Shoe Shopping In NYC

alicia keys Swizz Beatz shoe Shopping2 Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Plus Bodyguard Shoe Shopping In NYC

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Tina Knowles Files Divorce, Elin Nordegren Hires Divorce Attorney

Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes | 4 comments

Tina Knowles filed for divorce from husband Matthew Knowles amidst reports that he had an affair that resulted in a love child. According to court documents obtained by The YBF, Celestine Knowles filed for divorce from Matthew Knowles on November 11, 2009. It sounds like Tina Knowles has put up with a lot from this man over the year, and although she believe in the sanctity of marriage, the public humiliation is hard. Just like the Jackson family, the Knowles are hardly together, and separation rumors have been circulating for a long time, now. I wish Tina Knowles the best. It seems like every woman in a relationship of some sort with Papa Knowles end up getting screwed, no pun intended.

Solange+Knowles+Birthday+Party+JX4hZ1kTlCAl Tina Knowles Files Divorce, Elin Nordegren Hires Divorce Attorney

Speaking of divorce Elin Nordegren hired power divorce attorney, Sorrell Trope. Trope has represented stars such as Nicole Kidman and Britney Spears. Trope also has a reputation of being the great negotiator. I’m sure Elin has the strongest case possible for a divorce, and with women still coming out of the wood work with allegations, it’s probably best that she moves on. That way Tiger Woods can get back to playing golf.

woods family Tina Knowles Files Divorce, Elin Nordegren Hires Divorce Attorney

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