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New Sade ‘Soldier Of Love’; Is The NBA Getting A Woman Palyer?

Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Music, Juicy Gossip | 2 comments

I have been wating almost a decade just to hear a new song from Sade. I love me some Sade, and I wore her last album out, so it’s definitely time. Thank God she’s back, and with a new album, Soldier of Love,  in stores February 8th. Check out her first single from the album:

Sade Soldier of Love February 8th New Sade Soldier Of Love; Is The NBA Getting A Woman Palyer?

I know this is hard to believe so we will just have to wait and see, but one of my “tipsters” said we may see a woman in the NBA within a year. Laugh if you want, but my “tipster” was right about Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton, and they were right about Usher management problems. So all I’m saying is keep your ears open, and remember where you heard it from.

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Chris Brown Explains Why He Doesn’t Talk About What Lead To The Assault

Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Interviews | 8 comments

In an recent interview Chris Brown finally opens up about the night of the assault, and why he doesn’t discuss the details that lead to him assaulting ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. He tells Times Online that he refuses to discuss the case because he just wants to be responsible for his part in the matter without demonizing or blaming Rihanna, and to avoid he said / she said scenario played out in the media. He also reveals the reason why Rihanna left him, and he implies that it wasn’t to “save the lives of young girls” (I think he may have called her out, again).

Chris Brown Crawl Video Cassie Chris Brown Explains Why He Doesnt Talk About What Lead To The Assault

Chris Brown discusses the Rihanna assault photos:

It’s unbearable to view,” Brown says quietly. “It’s something that I have to live with every time they show it. I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t control my anger at that time. It’s a reminder that I have to be in control of my own actions and not anyone else’s. My actions today and in the past shape my future.”

Chris Brown on keeping details private:

Was it alcohol, or drugs? His answer is short but categoric: “No.”

Ever since that date, Brown has refused to discuss exactly what happened in their rented Lamborghini. “Otherwise it just continues to escalate. It keeps the negativity going. If I did talk, people would only say, ‘Oh, he’s just saying stuff in order to sell records,’ and it’d be a scandal all over again. I’ve looked at Michael Jackson’s career and how the public totally turned on him, then switched and got back with him again, back and forth. Other artists, too. They throw you to the dogs.

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Chris Brown Talks Oprah In VIBE; Chris Brown Album In Stores Today

Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity Music | 9 comments

In a recent interview with VIBE Magazine, Chris Brown discusses his fustrations with Oprah going in on him before the facts were out, and not allowing him the opportunity to explain what happened. No offense Chris Brown, I like you and I really do, but you have done at least five interviews and have not said anything revealing other than Rihanna was lying about a song you wrote. I know the plea deal prevents you from speaking, but what exactly would you have told Oprha that you haven’t already said.

I didn’t get a call from them or anything. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time I felt stabbed in the back. Ok, Oprah you have so much power and people really listen to what you say. You don’t know anything that went down and you jump to conclusions and start bringing people on the set that have no similarities to me other than a domestic dispute. And then compare them to me when she’s around me and knows me. She could have called me and been like, “Chris, let me get you on my show and I’m going to do this kind of segment.”

I do agree that Oprah was quick to ridicule Chris Brown while at the same time allowing  Mike Tyson on the air (he bit a man’s ear off and he beat his wife). I guess she only allow certain domestic offenders on the show, just like she only allow certain rappers. Was Oprah wrong for trashing Chris Brown and not allowing him on her show?

Chris Brown album hit stores today, are you buying the album?

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Tiger Woods Hospitalized For An Overdose; Paramedics Called To Tiger House Again

Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Death, Celebrity Lies | 3 comments

Do you think Tiger Woods is one of those men, that if you try to leave him, he would threaten to kill himself. Was he trying to trap Elin with a suicide bluff? This man doesn’t deserve any privacy, perhaps privacy is what allowed him to keep cheating on his wife over and over and over, again. Anyway…

TMZ is reporting that Tiger Woods was taken to the hospital for an overdose, and that’s why his wife Elin busted out the windows of his car, she was trying to stop him from killing himself. It also explains why she handed the police two pills bottles, Ambien and Vicodin, and why Tiger was asleep on his lawn snoring with no shoes on, in and out of consciousness. I still think she hit him with the car…

tiger woods flexing Tiger Woods Hospitalized For An Overdose; Paramedics Called To Tiger House Again


Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ the admissions chart lists “OD” and that he was having trouble breathing.

We’re told the fifth floor of the hospital was put on lockdown when Tiger arrived. Tiger was admitted under an alias — William Smith. His wife, Elin Nordegren was by his side.

As we first reported, Elin gave paramedics two pill bottles at the accident scene — we now know the prescriptions were for Ambien and Vicodin.

That’s not all, the police and paramedics were called to Tiger Woods home, and a middle age blond woman was taken out of the house on a stretcher, with a younger blond nearby. No word on who the woman is, but it’s most likely Elin’s mom, who is probably too stressed dealing with 10 groupie mistresses, and a suicide attempt. Tiger Woods, what’s next?

Tiger Woods Elin Mom Tiger Woods Hospitalized For An Overdose; Paramedics Called To Tiger House Again

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