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Judge Praises Chris Brown; National Enquirer: Rihanna Hates Chris

Every time it seems like the drama is coming to an end, the news brings it back to the forefront. Singer R&B Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday,  and the judge was proud of the progress he’s made. I don’t know if he’s genuinely remorseful, or if he just knows we’re all watching, but most abusers are not so willing to do the time because they don’t feel they’re guilty. Most abusers have every excuse in the word, and for Chris Brown to take full responsibility without justifying his actions (not that they he could anyway), isn’t something that should go unnoticed. I hope the classes work, and I hope he’s not putting on a front to win back favor or fans.

Chris Brown In Court November 19

LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown won praise from a judge Thursday for keeping up with the terms of his punishment for beating Rihanna. “Excellent,” L.A. County Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg said when informed by Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos that the “Kiss Kiss” singer has completed 100 hours of his lengthy community labor requirement.

“It’s an extremely favorable progress report,” Schnegg said, referring to Brown’s formal probation update. She said Brown has attended seven of his 52 mandatory domestic violence counseling sessions, paid all his court fines and given a sample of his DNA.

She ordered Brown back for another status report Feb. 18. [Source]

The National Enquirer is reporting that a “friend” of Rihanna claims Rihanna “despises” Chris Brown, and that Chris Brown has been sending her e-mails up until October trying to win her back…Click “continue reading” for the juicy details.

The 21-year-old singer cannot bear to discuss her relationship with Chris with those close to her, and is still struggling to come to terms with the violent assault he inflicted on her in February. Chris was sentenced to five years probation, six months community labour, 52 weeks of domestic violence classes and ordered to stay away from her for five years following the altercation.

The source told National Enquirer magazine: “Behind the scenes the truth is Rihanna despises Chris – so much so that if someone mentions him in passing she’ll say, ‘Please don’t talk about him.’

“She absolutely did the right thing by being classy in the interview, rather than coming off as vindictive. But I’ve even heard her curse Chris out for what he did to her. She did love him deeply, but in reality those feelings have died away.”

The source explained: “Up until October, Chris was stills ending her emails saying they should go out together for dinner or drinks. Rihanna finally got to the point where she threatened to go to the judge if he kept on bothering her. He’s stopped since then.” [Source]

Chris Brown November 19 Court

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