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Barack Obama Ft. Hood Memorial Photos & Speech

President Barack Obama gave a moving speech yesterday at the Ft. Hood Memorial here in Texas. The sad thing is that “some” people are using this event as political referendum on the President.  Just for this one moment, people should keep their partisan mouths closed, and just honor those who have fallen– out of respect.

Politics can resume tomorrow, but do not over analyze President Obama’s speech looking for a Muslim connection, and do not start conspiracy theories about Obama’s secret cells. Today is Veteran’s Day and both liberals and conservatives risk their lives for this country, along with people from various ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as religions. So just for one day, show that you’re a patriot first, and a partisan second. God Bless America!

[Photo Credit: Getty Image / Daily Life]

President Barack Obama gave a very sincere and moving speech, and you can watch it right after the jump: (just click continue reading below)

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