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Angry Rihanna Storms Out Of UK Club For Playing Chris Brown Song

I am going to defend Rihanna, and I know I switch sides so often it will make your head spin, but the DJ was being insensitive and out of line. I don’t blame her for walking out. Before I go in, here’s what happened. I first read this story at Str8NYC, but decided to do some more digging:

Rihanna stormed out of a party on Friday, November 27, after the DJ played a track by her former boyfriend Chris Brown, who beat her to pulp in February 8.Rihanna parties in london Angry Rihanna Storms Out Of UK Club For Playing Chris Brown Song

The party was hosted by Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams – founders of hip-hop label Cash Money – to celebrate the launch of Jay Sean’s album, All Or Nothing.

The hosts were apprehensive Rihanna, who is promoting her own album Rated R, may not show up, but Rihanna did. She arrived fashionably late at 1 AM, hugged her friend Jay, apologized for being late, and sat herself at a VIP table. She sipped some champagne and was soon dancing to Jay’s performance of Down. That was when the DJ did the unthinkable, playing Chris Brown track.

The Umbrella star froze in her tracks and returned to her table. She signaled to her entourage that the party was over and was soon out of the place. [Source]

I don’t understand why the DJ didn’t realize that it would be cruel to play a Chris Brown song while Rihanna was dancing. I know he was trying to get a reaction, and I’m glad Rihanna gave him one. I understand she can’t storm out every time she here’s a Chris Brown song, but I have feeling she knew the DJ was trying be funny. Not cool at all…”Continues Reading” to see what other witnesses had to say:

Getting Rihanna there was the icing on the cake. Who knows what possessed the DJ to start playing Chris? It was such a dumb thing to do. Rihanna had looked ready to party as she chatted with Ice-T. But as soon as that song came on, she sat down and raised her eyebrows.

“She couldn’t believe how insensitive the DJ was. She thought he probably played it to get a reaction. She wanted to leave there and then. [Source: Sun]

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  1. The DJ was being nasty; he knew exactly what he was doing. Damn shame-

  2. she’ll get over herself. people aren’t going to stop playing his music just because of what happened between the two of them, she should know that by now, especially in a club. in one of her interviews she stated that she still listened to his music when it came on the radio: this is the same instance, either she was lying to save face or she can’t handle the fact that his songs are still climbing the charts even after all the chris-bashing interviews she did trying to gain publicity for an album that still flopped.

    • @JaNa’e, i kno right

    • @JaNa’e, shut up it’s her life so let her do what she wants to

  3. Jana’e shut the fuck up if someone beat the shit outta you would you constantly wanna be reminded about it like noo soo shut the fuck up man its bitches like you that just sound soo fuckin dumb on these blogs dead ass get a new hobby!

  4. bitch please

  5. she needs to move on and stop freaking out when she hears a chris brown song dam the fucking media bashed him enough leave him alone im sick of mothafuckas messing with him he said sorry dam let those who is without sin cast the first stone.

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