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Judge Praises Chris Brown; National Enquirer: Rihanna Hates Chris

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 7 comments

Every time it seems like the drama is coming to an end, the news brings it back to the forefront. Singer R&B Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday,  and the judge was proud of the progress he’s made. I don’t know if he’s genuinely remorseful, or if he just knows we’re all watching, but most abusers are not so willing to do the time because they don’t feel they’re guilty. Most abusers have every excuse in the word, and for Chris Brown to take full responsibility without justifying his actions (not that they he could anyway), isn’t something that should go unnoticed. I hope the classes work, and I hope he’s not putting on a front to win back favor or fans.

Chris Brown Court Judge Novemeber 19 Judge Praises Chris Brown; National Enquirer: Rihanna Hates Chris

LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown won praise from a judge Thursday for keeping up with the terms of his punishment for beating Rihanna. “Excellent,” L.A. County Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg said when informed by Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos that the “Kiss Kiss” singer has completed 100 hours of his lengthy community labor requirement.

“It’s an extremely favorable progress report,” Schnegg said, referring to Brown’s formal probation update. She said Brown has attended seven of his 52 mandatory domestic violence counseling sessions, paid all his court fines and given a sample of his DNA.

She ordered Brown back for another status report Feb. 18. [Source]

The National Enquirer is reporting that a “friend” of Rihanna claims Rihanna “despises” Chris Brown, and that Chris Brown has been sending her e-mails up until October trying to win her back…Click “continue reading” for the juicy details.

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Rihanna Arrives At LAX; Angela Simmons Booty Says “Yes”

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Celebrity Humor, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Sightings | 8 comments

Angela Simmons is walking around the streets of Los Angeles with the word “yes” on her butt. I can only imagine what her father Reverend Ron is thinking right now. I have so many jokes in my head, and I’m not sure what she is saying yes to. This is my problem with “celebrities”, they claim to not like blogs due to the negative attention, but then they wear bright purple tights with the word “yes” on their tale, and think no one will have an opinion. I like Angela Simmons, so I don’t have an opinion, nice tights!

Angela simmons Booty yes3 Rihanna Arrives At LAX; Angela Simmons Booty Says Yes

Rihanna is back in the states after a wonderful publicity blitz in London earlier this week. Whatever she is doing is working, I can’t wait to see her Thanksgiving album sales next week, November 23rd.

Rihanna Arrives LAX From London2 Rihanna Arrives At LAX; Angela Simmons Booty Says Yes

More pictures of Rihanna and Angela “Yes” Tights when you “continue reading”…

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Tameka Foster Candid Interview With Love B Scott

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Interviews, Videos | 2 comments

I was reading Quick Catchup, and I came across this candid interview of Tameka Foster with Love B Scott. She talks openingly about her marriage, her divorce, her children, and that trip to Brazil that left her in the hospital. She also talks about bloggers and how they distort information to make her out to be the villain.

I’m going to reserve judgement and just let you watch the video, without my normal input:

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Old School Friday: I Had A Crush On

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Old School Friday, Videos | 4 comments

Back before Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) stabbed Christopher Williams, I had a crush on El Debarge, Ronnie Devoe, and Garfield Bright of Shai. But, my biggest crush until this day is Tupac Shakur. I applied to USC, so that I can move to L.A. and stalk him, but luckily for him I chose a more competitive private university. When he was killed, I cried for days like he was my first cousin or something.

Last, but not least I chose Comforter by Shai. I know it’s not Old Old School, but it’s still a great song that takes me back. *Screams at Garfield*

 Old School Friday: I Had A Crush On

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Oprah Quits Day Time TalkShow; Whitney & Bobbi Kristina

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Sightings | 1 comment

Precious LA Premiere Oprah 208x300 Oprah Quits Day Time TalkShow; Whitney & Bobbi KristinaOprah is stepping down from her syndicated talk show in 2011, just to move to her own network with a different format. This has been on the news non-stop, as if the world is coming to an end. Oprah has been doing this talk show for 25 years, so I imagine she’s just tired. I’m happy Oprah has decided to move on and do something different, I’m sure she has more goals to complete other than talk show host.

Oprah Winfrey, the reigning monarch of daytime chat and occasional champion of presidents and authors, is to announce on her television show today that after nearly a quarter of a century of syndication success she is preparing to quit her show for good the year after next.

It is a measure of Ms Winfrey’s importance on the cultural landscape of America, that a 22-month lead time to her shuttering the show seems an appropriate amount of warning to her fans and advertisers. “The sun will set on the Oprah show as its 25th season draws to a close on September 9, 2011,” the New York affiliate of the ABC Network said on its bulletins last night. [Source]

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina were spotted at the airport earlier this week. Bobbi Kristina has blossomed into a beautiful girl, and Whitney looks healthy.

Whitney Bobbi Kristina Airport2 Oprah Quits Day Time TalkShow; Whitney & Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Bobbi Kristina Airport Oprah Quits Day Time TalkShow; Whitney & Bobbi Kristina

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