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Other News: Lindsay Lohan Is In Need Of A Maia Campbell Style Intervention

Calling on my girl Miss Jia, we need another Maia Campbell-style intervention because Lindsay Lohan is gone. Normally we focus on women of color, but I think we need to adopt Lindsay Lohan into our community, because the girl is truly lost.  I just did a post on how ageless Halle Berry appears, only to some across these photos of Lindsay Lohan in court. I mean she just turned 23 in July, and in these pictures she looks older than Liz Taylor. Are we sure it’s just alcohol and stress, because honestly, she may be one line away from a pipe.  I’m not trying to be mean, but someone needs to help her instead of riding the gravy train of her past success. It’s sad when parents are more interested in being their child’s friends that they allow this to happen just to avoid being cut off.

Lindsay Lohan




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