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Old School Friday: Songs That Make Me Smile

The theme of the week here at MrsGrapevine.com is love, and songs about real love makes me smile the most. If you haven’t already, please stop by and answer the question, How Has Love Changed You. The winner will receive a gift pack from Lionsgate Films from the movie Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire.

My song for the week is So Amazing by Luther Vandross, because it is so amazing to be loved…This songs makes me smile ans it makes me want to skip…

My second choice is Switch, I Call Your Name. You should know by now that I love Debarge, so I just had to throw it in, too…

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  1. NICE picks!! You just made me want to listen to some Luther. “Power of Love” is what comes to mind, but I do like how Stevie and Beyonce re-did “So Amazing”. And a lot of people don’t know about SWITCH! Ne-yo sampled ‘I Call Your Name’ on his first album! Great flashbacks Mrs G!

  2. I remember them well Swith we are gathered here ahhhhh for the first time in my life show me what yaaa there will never be another looove never be never be oops went there

    My other favorite song is by tony terry when I’m with you I hear a song that makes me laugh and smile and think of you)

    quiet storm play all the jams here in philly

  3. Just about anything from Luther makes me smile!! And I love Switch! 2 great picks!
    Mine is up:

  4. You know I love my Luther! Just that first note brings a smile to my face!

    Happy OSF!

  5. So Amazing is definitely one of my favorite Luther songs without question. It’s simple, but it’s beautiful. And as with all things Luther, the depth of passion is enough to drown in.
    Great choice and Happy OSF!

  6. Whenever I hear “I Call Your Name” I start out smiling but then always tear up. There is some memory from my HS years connected with that song that I must be repressing because I swear I can’t recall why it is so bittersweet for me.

    Wish I could remember what it was. (Or who *he* was…)

    Have a great Halloween weekend!

  7. You’ve got me singing and swaying AND smiling!

    Ahh Luther, how we miss thee!

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