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Kellie ‘Laura Winslow’ Williams Marries Hannibal Jackson

I know we all remember Kellie Williams from the TV show Family Matters playing the part of Laura Winslow, the love interest of Erkel (played by Jaleel White). Well according to Washington Post, Kellie Williams married her real life sweetheart Hannibal Jackson in a simple, yet beautiful wedding…

kellie williams wedding hannibal jackson5 300x271 Kellie Laura Winslow Williams Marries Hannibal JacksonThe night before his Sept. 5 wedding, all of Hannibal Jackson’s groomsmen went out on the town. Jackson returned instead to his hotel room, opened his Bible, and bowed his head.

Prayer brought him to this juncture, Jackson believed, so it would be prayer that ushered him through his last night of single life.

In telling the story of how he came to marry Kellie Williams, the actress who played Laura Winslow in the ’90s sitcom “Family Matters,” Jackson, 33, starts in October 2001. One Sunday he asked to accompany a co-worker named Rob Brown to church — “and that,” he says, “was the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.” [Source]

kellie williams wedding hannibal jackson4 Kellie Laura Winslow Williams Marries Hannibal Jackson

For years Jackson and Williams had been listening — separately — to Rob Brown and another mutual friend talk about setting them up. The chatter had “gone in one ear and out the other,” Williams recalls, until an actual meeting was arranged at a party in August 2007.

kellie williams wedding hannibal jackson2 Kellie Laura Winslow Williams Marries Hannibal Jackson

During one such conversation, Williams told Jackson where she stood: “I said, ‘You’re either my boyfriend, or this is the last time we’re going to talk.’ ” That proclamation came exactly two weeks after they met. “All my friends said the same thing — ‘I can’t believe you said that!’ ” she admits. “But I don’t have time to be playing games with people.”

kellie williams wedding hannibal jackson Kellie Laura Winslow Williams Marries Hannibal Jackson

After her car broke down and Williams found herself calling Jackson for help, rather than her father, she realized the man she affectionately calls “a square” had already rooted himself in her heart. “I thought about life as a whole and thought, ‘What a great person to go along this journey with,’ ” she says. “I thought, ‘I wouldn’t want to miss this.’ “

When he proposed after 10 months of dating, she said yes. “Because it’s a miracle,” she explains. “It’s not a fairy tale. It’s a real guy who’s just a great guy.”

Click here to see more pictures from the wedding…

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  1. She was radiant on her wedding day! Glad to see that she’s doing pretty good for herself

  2. they look happy

  3. she looks beautiful!

  4. and i’m loving the 40′s style gown and bridesmaid dresses!

  5. @ Corve DaCosta:

    Check out http://conservativeblkwoman.blogspot.com/

    I have feeling you would like her webiste, a lot…

  6. She looked beautiful and so happy. I remember watching Family Matters all the time. I have wondered what she has been up to. Wishing her a happy and long marriage.

  7. I think she got super thick but she is happy is all the matters they both look happy best wishes

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