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Cat Fight Reality: Lisa Raye Has Beef With Rocsi, Vivica Fox, & Star Jones

allisa Cat Fight Reality: Lisa Raye Has Beef With Rocsi, Vivica Fox, & Star Jones Lisa Raye has been the subject of many rumors lately, and the strangest one is that she’s been chopping it up with Al Sharpton of all people. Now, Lisa Ray McCoy is back with a reality series in the works, and she’s putting former BFFs Vivica A Fox and Star Jones on blast. It doesn’t stop there, Rocsi of 106 & Park is a target for sleeping with Lisa Raye’s ex-husband while they were still married, and former cast mate Duane Martin is accused of providing Lisa’s ex- husband with a mistress in exchange for a business deal…

After Lisa’s divorce from Prime Minister Michael Misick of Turks & Caicos, Lisa Raye’s so called “friends” turned their backs on her, by supporting her ex-husband Misick:

First up is former “View” co-host Jones, who raised McCoy’s ire by supposedly supporting Misick after the divorce. “LisaRaye hosted Star at her home in the Turks & Caicos for three weeks when Star was going through her divorce from Al Reynolds,” says a source close to the TV One series. “When the tables turned and McCoy’s marriage ended, Star was helping LisaRaye’s husband.”

That allegedly included counseling Misick and even recommending her personal damage-control publicist to aid him during the messy split…

That’s not all former best friend Vivica A Fox has her share of wrath coming, as well:

McCoy says she was also double-crossed by former best friend Fox, who allegedly shared McCoy’s most intimate secrets with Misick. “LisaRaye hasn’t spoken to Vivica since,” said the source.

The list just goes on. Duane Martin & Rocsi will be getting some of the action, too:

The list doesn’t stop there – in fact, it gets worse. McCoy also counts “106 & Park” host Rosci as an enemy, accusing the BET star of having an illicit affair with Misick. Even McCoy’s former TV hubby on “All of Us” has fallen out of favor – McCoy claims actor Duane Martin rovided a mistress for her then-husband in an effort to do business on Turks & Caicos.


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  1. They all need to get a life

  2. As NeNe Leeks would say…”That’s some dirrtty shit!” Get ‘em Lisa. Hate to say it but typical black shit right there, jealous Vivica and greedy Duane. Damn, some friends…

  3. OMG this is just like media takout but media take out is BETTER…..

    • @yesmine,


  4. Don’t stress it Lisa u will be alright….keep your head up:-) luv u girl.

  5. I love her and she is chi town bound f###k them she has thick skin im riding with lisaraye.

    • wtf bound from chicogo im woopin mutha F**Kin ass rocsi dnt lett mee catch u on the streets cas i will let loose im from chicigo i noo how she fells watch yo back ROCSI

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