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NightClub For Fat People Only Gaining Popularity *Dead*

Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Celebrity Humor, MrsGrapevine | 5 comments

I need Kanye West to pull another Swift-gate, so that I don’t have to post things like this. I was reading The Huffington Post and I came across an article, Nightclub For the Plus-Size. Yes, you read that right, a nightclub that caters to the obese, in other words skinny people not welcome. (Shut up! This can’t be real…Oh! but it is…keep reading):

bbw club NightClub For Fat People Only Gaining Popularity *Dead*


LONG BEACH, Calif. ? Move over, it’s Saturday night at Club Bounce and people are bouncing onto the dance floor in a big, big way.

These are big, big people, all dressed to the nines and many tipping the scales at 250, maybe 300 pounds.

That’s because this expansive nightclub a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean, with its flashing lights, friendly atmosphere and wall-rattling hip-hop sounds, caters specifically to fat people.

That’s right, fat people. Not just any fat people, either, but fat people who are proud to call themselves fat people. People who joke that they are part of the new Fat is Phat movement.

“Self-conscious? No! Not at all,” laughs Monique Lopez, a curvaceous woman of 23 as she arrives in a tight, black dress and heels. “I was like, ‘I’m going to Club Bounce tonight. I’m going to wear my shortest skirt.’” (Which she did.)

The movement for equal rights for plus-sized people is nothing new of course. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, with chapters around the country, was founded 40 years ago. A nonprofit group, it advocates that everyone be treated equally regardless of size, arguing that we don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. [Read More]

Seriously, is the club atmosphere that bad that fat and skinny people want to segregate. Am I not getting this because I’m thin?

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Are We Still Talking About Light Skin Vs Dark Skin?

Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, MrsGrapevine | 4 comments

angela simmons Are We Still Talking About Light Skin Vs Dark Skin?

An old college associate writes for Examiner, and she wrote on interesting post entitled, Prejudices In Beauty and In Dating. It’s an article that discusses interracial dating, and what different races view as “Black Beauty”. In the article she suggests that White, Asian, and Hispanic men are more likely to compliment a dark-skinned woman on her beauty before a black man would. The statement took me back because I am a dark-skinned woman, or at the least a non-light-skinned woman, but I disagree with that assessment. As I kept reading, I came across this statement, and it just stuck out like a sore thumb:

Here in the south, if you are a woman of darker complexion, you have to be extremely confident in yourself, because you may seldom get praise regarding your beauty, especially but sadly, not from other men within your race.  As a dark-skinned woman in San Antonio you will get more recognition and appreciation for your beauty from a Hispanic, White or Asian man before you would a Black man.

A friend of mine said that being a dark skinned African American woman, she would seldom be approached in clubs by black men, but her friend of a lighter complexion would be surrounded by them.  She also said that if a Black man notices a white, Asian, mixed-race, light-skinned or Hispanic woman, he would approach them before he would her.  Many men she’d encountered would date a light-skinned woman who was out of shape over a dark-skinned woman who was slim.

Is this a person who’s attracted to men that are not black, and is more aware of compliments when it comes from other races? Or…is this statement reflective of what most dark-skin women think?

When you finished reading this, please check out Necole Bitchie, she has an interesting post on interracial regarding Angela Simmons.

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Spike Lee Jealous Of Tyler Perry Success; Tyler Perry Responds

Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Interviews, Movie Premier | 10 comments

Tyler Perry Spike Lee Jealous Of Tyler Perry Success; Tyler Perry Responds

You know you have arrived when Spike Lee belittles your films’ success. In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Tyler Perry addressed the comments in which Spike Lee compared Tyler Perry films and TV shows to Amos and Andy. Not only did he compare it to slap stick racist humor, he also used “baffoonery” and “coonery” as additional descriptions of Perry’s work. Now if Spike Lee would have picked on “Who’s You Caddy” then I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But Tyler Perry started in the theater with plays, and built a loyal following with his body of work. His plays were so successful that he was able to sell them on DVD, and claim 3 top ten spots for his sales. Naturally he decided to make a movie, and has been going ever since.

I would love to read that to my fan base. Let me tell you what Madea, Brown, all these characters are are bait. Disarming, charming, make-you-laugh bait, so I can slap Madea in something and talk about God, love, faith, forgiveness, family, any of those things, you know. So yes, I think, you know, that pisses me off. It really does.

It’s so insulting. It’s attitudes like that that make Hollywood think that these people do not exist. And that’s why there’s no material speaking to them, speaking to us.

Spike Lee problem is that he doesn’t no how to end his movies, and even if they start out exploring some deep socialogical issue, they lack a connection to real people. Where as Tyler Perry is able to capture the essence of real people, and real problems. Everytime you watch a Tyler Perry movie, you are shaking your head because you know someone like Madea. Maybe Spike Lee doesn’t have any Madea’s in his family or neighborhood, and every member of his family are deep philosophical people without a connection to reality, but to the surreality.

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