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The True Story Behind BET Reality Show Tiny & Toya; Toya Sleeping With Producer’s Friend?

WARNING: Remember there are two-sides to every story, and Antonia Carter has not addressed any of these rumors. So until then, they are just rumors…Monica warned us on twitter that some snakes were coming to get Toya…CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO

One of my loyal readers Funkardashian, yes I do I have a few, sent me an e-mail explaining the drama behind the scenes of the Tiny & Toya show. All the drama seems to revolve around one central character, and there are some serious claims made against Antonia Carter (Toya). Hold on, before you say it’s all made up, apparently there is proof if it comes down to it. There are two-sides to this story, and it’s time you finally hear the other side.

We all know that Kandi Burruss of Xscape was suppose to be on that show and was cut, but we don’t know exactly why, except that there was a falling out with the producer. This is what Kandi had to say about the matter back in July:

I was supposed to be on the ‘Tiiny & Toya’ show along with our friend Joy, Lyfe Jennings’s ex-fiancée, For whatever reason, the producer and Joy had an uneasy disagreement during the first meeting that I was unable to attend and he simply decided to do the show with Tiny and Toya. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to getting into reality television… [Source]

Well I was informed that it all started with a woman named Joy Bounds. Joy Bounds in case you don’t know is Lyfe Jennings “baby mama”. Apparently, Joy came up with the concept for a reality show that included Tameka Cottle (Tiny), Toya, Kandi Burruss, Joy Bounds, and Christine White (Luda’s baby mama). Word is Toya got all the other women kicked off the show through some shady measures. I’m told she was sleeping with a friend of the producer, and Toya’s on air sweet image was just a front for the cameras. The following is part of the message that I received:

I have an entire page about how it was Joys idea to do reality show but it was to be like a talk show. She actually came up with idea and the ladies. That’s why it’s never been explained how Antonia and Tiny became friends; it was Joy who was the mutual friend of the ladies. Also Christine White (Luda baby mama) was suppose to be in with them but she and Toya had a falling out.

I don’t want to say that Joy is beefing because she’s a great girl but Toya is always calling out people on hatin’ and being snakes when she knows she was hatin’ on Joy. Joy and Toya were like sister.

It’s sad in relation to Joy. Joy is the one that brought them all together. Toya was dating one of the producer’s friends during production. lol! Honey she’s not all that NICE. Do u remember Kandi saying that Joy and the producer had a fallin out and the next day Joy and Kandi was cut from the show? Well that’s why.

Okay ma, let me tell you Joy knew Tiny first! Take a look back at pics on SandraRose of Tiny’s baby shower Joy was there not Ms Toya. Joy brought these ladies together. It’s hard for her. I mean like joy is depressed. She really loved Toya, but Toya did her wrong.

joy bounds tiny The True Story Behind BET Reality Show Tiny & Toya; Toya Sleeping With Producers Friend?

Wait, there is more. The messages got so long that I was sent a follow-up e-mail that goes into more details. Apparently MTV was also interested in this reality show, but Toya feared the white audience would not understand her culture, and think she was stupid. It just keeps getting better, keep reading…

The 2 first met couple of years ago and quickly took to one another because they were pretty much going through the same thing bad relationship with celebrity men. The two became friends fast. Joy decided to start up a show along with Toya the she (joy) recruited christine white and Tiny. Joy went out and found Christine and Tiny for the reason of doing a show. “Toya knows all of this.” They would have meetings at eachother houses. The 4 of  them came up with an idea to do a late night talk show then they decided to do the reality show to jump start the talk show. Toya fell out with Christine. So Christine decided to step out the picture(You know Ms Christine got her own she because shes an attorney). Toya and Tiny really wanted 4 ladies thats how Kandi got involved. All four ladies met with Bet producer but Joy wasnt feelin right about how he wanted her character to act (crazy) so Joy and the producer bumped heads.So they flew to NYC to meet with  another production company at MTV. They were very excited and wanted the show. They sent their deal to the ladies attorney and immediately started reaching out to networks. So within weeks Oxygen, Bravo and Oprah’s network O, wanted a meeting. But, while Joy was working hard trying to put these meetings together, Toya said she didnt want to sign with the MTV company because they’re white and she felt they might make her look stupid, which Joy realize now was just some game because Toya was still talking to the BET producer and dating his friend who were telling her that she didnt need Joy, and that nobody knew who Lyfe was, etc. In the end Joy was stabbed in the back by Toya and left out of everything. Best of my knowledge the two did speak on the matter after the show aired and Toya didnt have much remorse.. Joy is deeply sadden and was left depressed in losing a friend and her ideas. right now Joy remains in her relationship and caring for her two  lovely sons. she is still wanting to get into reality tv so she is working on more ideas.

I don’t know what to say except, this does paints Toya in a new light.

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  1. Wow. I don’t watch the show but my daughter does she she gave me the main characters and concept, etc. That is some mighty trifling stuff going on!
    And I am not at all surprised that BET (Black Exploitation Television, as I like to call it) is involved neck deep in this mess. Nope not surprised at all. ~smh~

  2. @ Regina:

    I’ve finally let BET go. I refuse to watch Frankie & Neffe show…

  3. I tried to read it earlier, but it wouldn’t work for me. I don’t know if I can believe Toya was doing all that on the side. But you never know.

    I love your site. Keep up the good work.

  4. Why is mad at toya? Why isn’t she addressing tiny? She did say she was her friend too.. Whoever wrote this letter even if the intentions were good to hip people as what is really going on. This letter is making joy appear to be bitter appearantly kandi isn’t to upset isn’t she on Real housewives of atlanta? So she ended up on reality t.v. after all

    I need more proof such as written out agreement between the parties and The name of the person who sent out the e-mail to give it credibility without a name this can be a fake e-mail (no offense)

    • @nicolefromphilly,that dont make since go back to school!!!!!

  5. @ NicolefromPhilly:

    The source is listed, just click on the link and it will take you to her twitter page. I believe she is friends with Joy, and just wanted to say her piece, or set the record straight. I hear there is more to come, plus proof.

    If it’s your idea and everyone got a show, but you, I guess you would be upset.

    All I know, is that I’m going to keep my eyes open.

  6. Thanks, I read the article from essence and the both twitters I will wait on the evidence that specifically says that it was all toya idea..by the way I enjoy your site.

    Can she still answer why isn’t she addressing tiny (she did mention that she is/was her friend) are they still cool..From watching the show it seems if tiny cool witch you if she trying to get paper she going to show you how to get paper to or put you in the position to come up yourself and she gives the impression that she is down with you 100 percent.

    Did tiny and joy have a falling out as well? do they still speak? hope all works out I will check the site in a few day

    have a good weekend

  7. I love toya, but I don’t put anything past anyone. I like her a lot just because she’s a beautiful BLACK woman and not the typical light skinned woman beauties that are idolized in hip hop culture. As for the show, both Tiny and Toya make themselves sound like ignorant persons. I I watched it a couple of times to see that it makes no sense at all. Kandi was lucky to be on a show with more success and higher ratings. Every dog has its day joy need not worry. Peace

  8. BET have definitely stooped to its lowest for ratings (Tiny & Toya and Frankie & Neffe are BET’s worst shows).

    Kandi Burruss…appears to have some class about herself. I can’t see her fitting in with “Tiny & Toya” anyway.

  9. This kinda seems weird. It make me wonder what kinda clout Toya has for her to not want “their” show aired on MTV, but instead BET and Tiny just go along with it. A behind the scenes baby mother is a lonely role and I hope she can overcome it instead of presenting someone as this situation manipulator. Its more of a whinny chick who wasnt a real friend starting to feel jealous of all the attention her friend is getting.

  10. I hope that Toya is not trying to play Tiny to get air play for her book because no body really wants too hear about that shit any way

    and no ones really know Toya

    other then the lil info that she gave us about her life but whats goes around comes around so she will get hers and the end

  11. gosh that’s some drama


    • @shawn powell, U said it all,I’m fr th N.O BABEEE…..joy get ur show with MTV and stop th bull.Toya do u BABEEEE!

  13. news reporter leave those folks alone! girl do you!hmmmm! i know i will!lol

  14. look holla back @ my email address,i need some answers on writing,and edtitng,my email is powell.shawn@rocketmail.com,so yeah,holla back!new orleana!

    • @shawn powell, Why Everyone Cant Just Be Happy For TOYA Its Always Someone Trying To Bring You Down And Why She Not Mad At Tiny Stop Haters Do Something ElSE With Your Time Let Toya Be Happy Ok Bicthes Thankyou

  15. They should have made the process of them trying to get a reality show, a reality show. It would have been like the Real Baby Mamas of Atlanta.

  16. I believe it, my daughter and her friend went to Tiny’s nail salon in Stockbridge Ga and and Toya acted like she was to good to give the girls a picture and had someone in the shop to tell the girls that she was off duty and trying to relax. Please if she wasn’t Lil Wayne baby momma, would anyone care to even know her. Because of her nasty attitude and the way she handle my daughter and her friend i won’t watch that show again.

  17. why is everybody makin comments about toya? what she did???

  18. uhm i have nothing to say but this is a fn blog site and most of this stuff is full out lies os i really dont care bcus obviously god made the best for the best and tiny and toya both got what they deserved and who evere wasnt,wasnt meant to b on the show thats just how it goes

  19. wow i didn’t knw this damn i thought toya was cool, but i guess im nt goin 2 jmump 2 conclusions i still luv you toya and tiny and all the ladies need 2 sit down nd tlk about htis whole situation and mayb mke a show about that nd show the world that luv is still in the air!!!!!!

  20. its no reason

  21. i dont know why every body tripin toya aint even do nothin if u really want 2 find out da truth go to tina or toya lol i luv toya

  22. do you know lettle wan babymama toya

  23. I think this is a real great article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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