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Queen Latifah In The National Enquirer Exposed As A Lesbian

This article is funny because it doesn’t provide any proof that Queen Latifah was at a wild all girl party with strippers. In fact, this looks like a girls night in with women being silly at the end (if men only knew how silly women get when men aren’t watching). It’s so easy to add a censor mark and make this picture look even more shocking than it really is. I’m sure “if” Queen is gay, she will come out of the closet when she’s ready, like Wanda Sykes, but this article does not support or provide any proof that Queen is gay…It’s just the National Enquirer doing what they do best…

queen latifah nationa enquirer Queen Latifah In The National Enquirer Exposed As A Lesbian

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  1. …exactly; if she is gay and feels like letting the world know, then she will on her own time; you can’t force someone to COME OUT of the closet…even though you may see their feet, lol

  2. Funny how people are so obsessed with other’s lives. I don’t think it matters if she is or isn’t gay what matters is do you like her music, acting, etc.

  3. @ Regina:

    I agree. It does not change the work she does. I still love her.

  4. This is soooo old news. Who cares? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Next!!!

  5. I like Queen for her work. What she choose to do in her private life is her business not ours.

  6. The National Enquirer needs to go out of business already. No one care about anyone’s sexual orientation. You need to enquirer about where the money has gone during the Bush administration and why Republicans are so damn stupid.

  7. When Beyonce performed to “put a ring on it”, the camera showed the audience reaction. Queen Latifah seemed to be enjoying Bey’s gyrations as much as the males. Latifah has not been photographed with any male dates. She probably is gay, but she fears for her career; not everyone can bounce back the way Ellen did.

  8. I love the Queen but i know she was gay before she did set it off, and when she did do the movie i know then. My question is if you’re living your life and not hurting people with who you love why not come out. So when we see pic like this we will be like we already know. Being gay is not like it was back in the day. To me it’s like she ashame of who she is, she been in the business scents the 80′s and you still ashame of who you are. As a black woman that’s the same age I am pride of you for all you have done, but this issue Queen time to put it to bed. And those who love you will still be there and speaking like a fan, this issue is not something i can judge and i am still a fan.

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