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Kanye West & Amber Rose At Capitol City In Hollywood

I’m so happy that Amber Rose is modeling and becoming her own brand, sans Kanye West. I really like Amber Rose and she has a fascinating Cinderella story. I was really upset during the VMAs,  because Kanye West was not just being vulgar toward Taylor Swift, but toward his girl, Amber Rose. I understand passion, but grabbing your girls body part on the red carpet doesn’t do much to help her image. He was treating her like an object he owned, and hopefully she checked him when the cameras stopped rolling. Anyway I digress.

Amber Rose and Kanye West spotted at Capitol City in Hollywood. The evening started off quite well, you can see the couple holding hands. The paparazzi must have shouted something because Kanye West demeanor quickly changes.

Amber Rose & Kanye West Capitol City

Amber Rose & Kanye West Capitol Night

Amber Rose & Kanye West Capitol City

It looks like Amber Rose is telling Kanye, “You  better not act a fool and embarrass me. Keep it moving! I got this!”

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