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Exclusive Couple Alert: Al Sharpton & Lisa Raye?!

If you follow my tweets, then you will know that I broke this story about a month ago that Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton were “together”. I received a tip via Facebook labor day weekend, and all I could do is laugh. Check the screen caps below:

al sharpton lisa raye together Exclusive Couple Alert: Al Sharpton & Lisa Raye?!

There was no way this rumor could be true, right? Well The YBF has also learned the same information, and now I’m starting to wonder. We had fun on twitter, trying to figure out what this couple had in common. Other than media hogs, we all agreed on “perms”…LOL! I still can’t believe it.

al sharpton and lisa raye 1 Exclusive Couple Alert: Al Sharpton & Lisa Raye?!

The YBF has learned that actress Lisa Raye and political figure Reverend Al Sharpton has been dating for months now. The celebrity blog site was informed by a major publicist (who would like to remain nameless) that the couple who are both pending divorces are indeed a couple.

The source even went on to say that Lisa is media hungry and wants to be with someone who can get her in high  society and political  events. As for Al, who may just be looking for an arm piece.

Hey, if the shoe fits. SMH.

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  1. I am utterly speechless. Could have never scene this coming.

  2. I saw it coming and I still don’t believe it.

  3. Naw…this gotta be a joke! Right?

  4. @Royalty:

    I’m still hoping so, but I was told about this almost a month ago, and I just laughed it off, even though I know the source is bonafide. It’s so far fetch, that it must be wrong. But, now others are buzzing, too. All I can say is ewww.

  5. 100% SPEECHLESS

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