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Bobby Brown reveals more secrets about his life and his relationship with Whitney Houston for an upcoming episode of Behind The Music on VH1. In the interview, according to AOL Blackvoices, Bobby Brown talks about his tumultuous marriage to singer Whitney Houston:

I think we corrupted each other. I don’t think she hurt me or I hurt her in any way. I just think we had a 14-year marriage that had its ups and downs, and not many people understood it.

Brown also reveals the reason he abused drugs and alcohol:

I used an awful lot, can’ take that back! Cocaine, it’s a powerful drug.I just think I was bored. I had just gotten married, and things [weren’t] right and I turned to alcohol and drugs.

The most shocking thing in the interview was learning that he had a past relationship with Janet Jackson, and that relationship also lead to him drinking to cope:

Before I met Janet [Jackson], I would never drink hard liquor, I only drank beer. But after our break up, I started drinking hard liquor abundantly. I took the way our relationship ended very hard. Not to say we were head over heels in love, but she was someone I had a lot of feelings for.

Besides, we were young and naive. I was only about 19 or 20 years old. Young love is no joke!

Janet is right, she has been fortunate that many of the people she dated didn’t tell her business. She has been linked to a lot of men in the industry and that hasn’t even discussed their relationship with Janet. [Source]

Here is a video of Whitney Houston in part one of her interview with Oprah.

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