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Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!

twitter Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!This is news to some, but I’m not entirely sure why. Snoop has been cheating on his wife, Shante Broadus, for some time now. I think she has threaten to leave him, at least three times that I know of, and yet, she stays. Now I know marriage is for the long haul, but when a man keeps on cheating, then it’s time to let him go. I’m sure he loves his wife, dearly, but he is a self-admitted dog. I guess you either take it or leave it. Honestly, who is surprised, this is the man that fell in love with one of his “employees”, for lack of a better word???

Here are pics of Snoop Dogg with some beautiful woman in the VIP room in St. Tropez. Is Snoop crossing the line for a married man, or just having a little fun:

snoop dogg cheats in france3jpg Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!

Before you look at the rest of the pictures of Snoop Dogg grinding, check out Usher smiling for the camera. The least he could have done was tapped Snoop on the shoulderto let him know what’s up. Apparently, Usher is good at not getting caught on tape, a little birdie told me it’s his specialty.

snoop dogg cheats in france5jpg Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!

snoop dogg cheats in france Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!

snoop dogg cheats in france4jpg Snoop Dogg Caught Cheating On His Wife In St. Tropez? So What!

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  1. Yep, she’s mos def a looker. But why do we even bother call it cheating when Snoop, Puff and the like do it? It’s such the expected thing for them, there should be major headlines only when they don’t cheat.

  2. That should be “calling.”

  3. @ Anon Nupe:

    I could not agree more, I mean seriously he wrote a movie about being a pimp and falling in love with “girl”, and admitted it was true.

    If you are married to a pimp, then Houston we have a problem…

    we should just call it “vacation”

  4. Or “Tuesday.” LOL at you!

  5. @ LOL:

    Just a day in the week of Snoop and Diddy. I’m surprised you didn’t pick “Wednesday”…”Hump Day”…that would be too cliche, right?

  6. this is just too triflin

  7. WOW

  8. Honestly this isnt something new we all know how Snoop is lol if he isnt afraid to hide it obviously his wife is in denial…The girl in the Pics with him look just like the girl that played his love interest in the “Beautiful” video with pharrell im just saying…LOL

  9. now i know the behavior is suspect, but this does not constitute cheating. not acceptable behavior for a married person, but cheating at least requires us seeing some kissing. this is strip club isht!



  12. sum guys never change!

  13. I’m a big fan of Snoop, but I don’t agree with cheating. Everybody knows if you are in a sexual relationship with a rapper, your not the only girl satisfying there needs. Why do the men get married to begin with-marriage is a promise of faithfulness. These men sing and breath sex-not relationship material.

  14. Disgusting but not surprising. I feel for his wife having to see that. It’s a waste of time marrying many of these high profile men. They are not going to be faithful-period. The only way I could stay in that marriage and survive that kind of relationship would be to grow emotionally cold toward hubby, have affairs of my own, and be in it strictly for the money. It might be wrong in turn, but I’d have to close my heart off to that man to mentally and emotionally deal with that kind of blatant disrespect toward me. I just wouldn’t care anymore and I’d end up flipping it and using him for my own benefit. (Best choice–I’d just leave and take a good amount of his dough with me.)

  15. I think Snoop is just trying to make people believe that he’s as free as a single man. Everyone can believe in this fake hunting scenes. Not me.

  16. I think Snoop is just trying to make other people believe that he’s still as free as a single man. Everyone may fall for this fake hunting night scenes. Not me.

  17. hi snoop dogg why u cheating on your wife

  18. hi snoop dogg why cheating on your wife and s u is sexy

  19. i love u snoop dogg

  20. he my number (937) 559-6939 snoop dogg

  21. hi snoop dogg

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