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Ok! Magazine Catches Up With Former ATL Housewife, Deshawn Snow

deshawn snow Ok! Magazine Catches Up With Former ATL Housewife, Deshawn Snow

Former Atlanta housewife Deshawn Snow revealed in a recent interview with OK! magazine some new projects  she currently has in works since appearing on the popular reality show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Deshawn talks about getting her very own reality show, a children’s book, a cartoon series and her support of her fellow housewife Nene Leakes.

On Her Own Reality Show

“It’s kind of like Top Model meets Charm School,” DeShawn tells OK!. “We really want to give them a chance and the people we are looking for are people who have been given up on or they have given up on themselves, they had children at a young age or they were on drugs, whatever, because you can really turn your life around.”

On Being “Too Nice” For Reality TV
“Not everybody has as big a personality as NeNe (Leakes),” DeShawn tells OK!. “I thought I provided the balance. Not everybody’s up here and not everybody’s down here. I thought it was a good mix but I understand you need drama.”

On Supporting Her Fellow Housewives
“(My kids and I) were at Barnes and Noble for summer reading stuff and I saw (NeNe’s) book,” she says. “I was excited for her because I want to support her and they say ‘Mom, why are you buying her book?’ Because they remember her face. I said, ‘well why not? I want to support her. One day Mommy’s books will be here too.”

I was actually disappointed to see her go. I would agree with Deshawn when she said she brought balance to the show. We love drama! But it’s good when someone helps to balance out the equation! All drama is not good all the time.

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  1. she seemed “uppity” to me, maybe i’m wrong, but i know she was the only one that had loot that would rival the housewives of new york, new jersey, etc. whereas sheree and co. were/are frontin’ i bet bravo is paying the rent on their homes, such frauds, they come with all these airs and their bank accounts don’t match LOL. I couldn’t give these chicks my viewing time this go round. . . .

  2. I really liked her on the show, but her drama-free life wasn’t too interesting for reality TV I guess. It’s good to see her taking care of her business regardless though.

    P.S.-I linked this post in one of my post over at NR.

  3. I agree; i like Kandi, but i miss Deshawn. It was fun watching her blow Eric’s money trying to do something to help others, lol

  4. Get rid of the token white girl and bring Deshawn back, please.

  5. Yeah I liked Deshawn too. But, I guess she wasn’t “ignant” enough for Bravo. They don’t want to see Black women act mature, classy, nice, and be drama-free. Oh No ! They have got to continute the myth that ALL of us act like that. What a crock of shit. Deshawn didn’t feed off into the drama, and rightfully so. They need some balance, but Kandi is there now. Kandi si sweet too, and she doesn’t act crazy. Only when nene drag-queen looking ass came at her. I don’t blame her but she still was the bigger person and walked away. Notice how Nene talks over people so the truth can’t come out. She’s so juvenile and grammar school. But, people who “think” like her will gravitate towards her.

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