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Dallas Austin & Kim Zolciak From “Housewives of ATL ” Are Beefin’!

dalla austin kim zolciak Dallas Austin & Kim Zolciak From Housewives of ATL  Are Beefin!

What in the world do we have here? According to TMZ, music producer Dallas Austin and Atlanta house wife Kim Zolciak got beef for god knows what reason. They’ve decided air their dirty laundry on twitter.

Dallas Austin
Don’t ever put that house wives b*tch in serious music convo please !!! It’s unfair to real talent people. It was only for broken dreams tv!!

Kim Zolciak
Morning! I checked out @necolebitchie (fellow blogger Necole Bitchie) and saw that Dallas Austin can’t stop talking about me … yet again! We’re @ 4 mill viewers? You? What have you done lately aside from trying to be on “the Real Housewives of Atlanta” every season and every other show?

Get a grip honey I am beyond you and apparently you can’t stop talking my name to get press. It’s old news and no one cares!

Dallas Austin
High priced hookers on a TV show for screwing married men… and getting Kandi to sing for u ain’t gonna work either.

Wow! Dallas really went in on Kim! I thought these two had great chemistry and were even working towards producing a hit record for Kim?

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One Comment

  1. Dallas has been in the industry for nearly two decades and the guy is hardly ever the center of controversy. That being said, I’m sure that Kim, in her quest to milk her smalltime fame, has drawn first blood on Dallas. The question to Kim is: What does Dallas need to do? The guy is a super-producer so I doubt he is hanging around just to be seen. Kim needs to get her mind right and pick her battles carefully, because her name is synonymous with slut, homewrecker, white trash, and a host of other demeaning titles that being brought to the forefront by Dallas and others… she should chill.

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