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Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee Najjar (Big Poppa)

I’m not sure how this story got by me, but TMZ claims to have found the real Big Poppa, Lee Najjar. You know the mysterious married or not married man from The Real Atlanta Housewives (the show where only two of the characters are actually married). I have a hard time believing this is Kim Zolciak in this picture because her wig actually looks good from this angle (claps hands). Big Poppa is that really you?

kim zolciak big poppa papa Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee Najjar (Big Poppa)

What I do know is that Big Poppa is super rich, check out his home on MTV Crib’s Teen Edition. He is a real estate mogul and I’m wondering what kind weight he also moves with these properties. Anyway, I guess this video also answers the question about Big Poppa’s infidelity. YES! It looks like he’s definitely married; we get to meet his wife and kids on this episode of Cribs. Apparently, he has an understanding with his wife, as long as he takes care home, he can play with his Barbies!

kim atl houseives big poppa papa3 Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee Najjar (Big Poppa)

kim atl houseives big poppa papa Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee Najjar (Big Poppa)

[That's Big Poppa with his family]

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  1. I was watching this unfold on TMZ earlier today as well… quite funny indeed that this “big” bamma is little is hecl! I know Kim is embarrassed and rightfully. What are the odds that you’d become a gold-digger and then your sugar daddy turns out to be a leprechaun… FUNNY!

  2. Only 2 characters are married?? I thought it was 3 Neene, Lisa and Dashawn

  3. first off…lemme just say that i recently met lee and his wife and his youngest at dallas austins charity event a couple months ago, his wife was at a table chatting it up with jazzy pha’s wife…both of them are rude as hell! and obviously lee’s wife is mean and rude bc she’s simply miserable…miserable that her husband is cheating on her, buying other women cars, houses etc…u go kim! use him for what he’s worth…even tho he aint shit…and his wife is an over tanned, miserable, ugly, snob!

  4. Well Kim is a dirty hoe. She know the man married and gotta family, but that’s what broke bitches do when they go over they limit. The bitch is a compulsive liar. She is sleeping with a man who doesn’t want her, but the little fame his shadow is getting. If he wanted her he would be married to her and exposing their relationship, but he’s not bc he’s embarrased and its not true. KIM YOU ARE A HOE.MISTRESS.SLUT.TRICK.DUMBASS.BAD MOTHER.BAD EXAMPLE.BROKE.MISERABLE.O YEAH AND A USER. Bitch you used Kandi for that song and was done with her bc she let ppl see yo dead as potential. She a good person and don’t need you in her life bc you are the devil.

    • @jm, I’m sorry but was that even English

    • @jm,
      Let us start off with….please learn how to spell.Obviously thay had a arrangement that was between Kim and Big Poppa.She is not a
      Prostitute,Broke or a Bitch and it is very clear that you want to be in her place. Please have more respect for yourself and maybe one day you too will have a “Big Poppa”.

      • @ tbHow are you commenting about spelling you spelled they, thay that is a word you learn to spell in 1st grade. jm is right about kim she is all of that. you must want what kim has you defend her wrongs as rights with such zest and zeal. most people like nice things but everybody’s not willing to be a dirty ass gold digging adulteress trick ass bitch to get it. Think about how those kids feel about what kim and their father is doing to their mother,and how does that wife really feel, if it was o.k. I’m sure she would gladly give him a divorce. shame shame on kim She is setting a horrible example for her daughter’s and her son as well. That’s why that oldest daughter is so disrespectful to her. some of us still have principles and morals. She is just withe trash with someone else money. Also I think she’s racist black people are just the people who can cook, clean, do her hair and assist (the help) her. I think kroy is racist too with his young stupid ass marrying a woman with all that baggage. I know kroys mother does not like kim can you blame her.” My son married a has been.” But now kim is the wife she had better watch out now for other gold diggers after her husband. I give this marriage 3 yrs. tops before Kroy realizes what he has gotten himself into. By the way I like kim.

  5. If His wifes ok with it that means shes only using him

    • @Angel, I with you sister, Kim is doing MRS BP a favor

  6. Well broke not so bright men can get two women! which would you rather have?

  7. I’ll take Kim’s life style any day of the week! she doesn’t work has a nanny, shops where she wants, drives what she wants, wears much bling! Lets see! buster or Big Papa?

  8. its so funny becaus eshe said he was a black man!!!
    dont look black to me!!1
    haha fake ass bitchss!!

  9. who gives a flip

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