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Tameka Foster Raymond Interview Clears Rumors From Bloggers

Tameka Foster wanted to clear some rumors about the mean things bloggers say about her, and to talk about her charitable works.  As hard as it is for me to stay objective, I will try to just post the interview without adding my two cents, but I was warned to not get involved with this lady, and let’s just say now I know why. I will leave it at that until, I feel more needs to be said. I read some of the interview at Miss Jia, and just wanted to read more.

tameka art Tameka Foster Raymond Interview Clears Rumors From Bloggers

So here are some excerpts from Tameka’s interview with LaShonda:

Q: Sorry to change the topic, but there is a strong rumor that you threatened violence against a specific Atlanta based blogger due to she was stating multiple unconfirmed details regarding your divorce. Would you like to address this?

A: The rumor is actually quite boring, juvenile, yet hilarious. Ironically, I never knew of her or her blog until an associate alerted me about her and her erroneous remarks. I think the case with SO many bloggers is that there are good ones and there are those that are negative. When did they become a credible source on my life? I believe some of their blogs are actually erected to fulfill a certain void or insecurity within the writer. Deplorably, most don’t bother to “fact” check, they just sensationalize, repeat rumors or make them up in hopes of more hits and the possibilities from potential advertisers, I’ve learned. Those with malicious agendas don’t want the truth anyway. However, for the record- Be clear, I don’t do very much anonymously nor do I make threats, I’m a grown woman and there’s no need for me to make silly threats. Especially to the likes of disgruntled “Mean Girl” types hiding behind keyboards. Goodness, where do they find the time? In other words I did NOT threaten this Atlanta based blogger.

Q: Being in the spotlight is never easy. And the paparazzi have definitely gone after you regarding your high profile relationship. In one incident, I recall an unflattering picture from a photo shoot that circulated the blogs for quite some time. This one picture lead many people to believe that you developed a complex about your personal appearance and sought cosmetic surgery in Brazil because of that. Is this true?

A: Yes, there is an unauthorized altered photo that was taken with the intent of being a head shot (ie; to be cropped at the chest), it was not styled at all and shot at the end of a shoot. Unfortunately, it got into the wrong hands and a little Photoshop work is done and ‘voila’ you have a bad and funny shot of someone’s wife. A real knee-slapper. As far as my experience in Brazil, I NEVER had any cosmetic surgery done at all. I was to undergo a standard 30-40 min procedure and I had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, nothing was ever started or happened. Never was there a planned ‘tummy tuck’ as reported. I have had nothing done aside from being birthed from parents blessed with awesome health and good genetics. I love me/ my body yet for a brief moment I got a little caught up in the Worldly perception of beauty and made an impromptu, unwise decision that I learned a valuable lesson from, I was only two months post delivery. I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. There are no complexes, no shortcuts and to stay focused is the answer.

Q: So, you never went into cardiac arrest as stated by the media outlets?

A: Yes I did, but it was due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.

It’s not over, you can read more here.

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  1. Although I do commend her charitable contributions, I have a little bit of a hard time siding with her or believing that she hasn’t said ANYTHING to any bloggers. Just hard to believe with all considered (and you know the rest of the reason I’m side eyeing). I dunno. I just cant…

  2. Lol whatever…I heard you were begging Tameka’s people for an interview…get off her jock

  3. @ Uizicki:

    Speaking of the devil. Who is Tameka’s people? I sure did ask for an interview, because she keeps stalking me, and obviously she wants to get something off her chest. Instead of asking about me, she could just call or write, it’s just that simple. The offer is still extended, or she can just leave me alone, and stop stalking my tweets. If she can’t do it face to face, then she’s just the person I thought she was. Either she can do it the right way or the wrong way, like I said I’m objective, and I’m open to her “side” of the story, although I know it will consist of delusion.

  4. The whole situation is janky. I’d leave her story for the tabloids.

  5. hey guys please levave the lady alone. remembers she’s going thru a divorce right now c’mon. i find she’s a very attractive and intelligent lady. i think usher’s stupid to divorce this lady

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