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Setting The Record Straight: NeNe Leakes & Kandi Fight On Radio

The season premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta took place last night, and there is no better place to watch it than with your fellow bloggers on twitter. Anyway, before the show aired, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss got into a shouting match live on the radio. I am Team NeNe all the way, right or wrong.

So during the shouting match (mostly NeNe yelling), Kandi accused NeNe of calling fellow cast mate, KimĀ  Zolciak, a stripper in her new tell all memoir. Kandi then said she didn’t read this rumor online on the blogs, but that she read an excerpt from pre-release copies of the book. Sorry, Kandi I have to call you out on this, because that rumor started with New York Daily News, and not the publisher of the book:

And while the book is about Leakes’ life, she’s also talking about her onscreen frenemy Kim Zolciak. In the tome, Leakes will reportedly out Zolciak’s past as an Atlantic City stripper who went by the name of Barbie. [Source]

So Kandi is just spreading rumors while claiming them as fact, and NeNe Leakes called the radio show to put Miss Kandi in her place. WARNING: This will get ugly toward the end.

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  1. If you believe that NeNe was right, there is something wrong. NeNe sounds like an out of control adolescent. You misheard what Kandy said, she specifically said the book was pre-released to the press and the PRESS told Kim that NeNe commented that she was a stripper. Listen it again if you have to.

  2. NeNe does sound like an out of control adolescent, I’ll give you that, but that’s just her personality, and that doesn’t negate the point.

    You are talking about timestamp 2:05, but later around 3:18, she says she didn’t read it online, she read from a pre-copy.

    I’m just saying either Kim misinformed Kandi, or Kandi did read it online on a blog, and not from a pre-released copy.

    It’s not mention on the simon & Schuster website or press release.

  3. LMAO! This is crazy…you would think that these two would get along the most, but it seems to me that Nene is at fault this time….

    “i didn’t call you!” lol…and Nene stay somewhere trying to fight someone-

  4. I like both of these women but NeNe has a right to get her straight. She can say what she wants to…FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But honestly, kandi might wanna back up cause NeNe is bout it, bout it. I love You NeNe! Like I said before, keep doing you, girl!

  5. I was all for nene last season but this season she’s acting different to me. She’s trying to talk all proper and it’s truely just annoying.

  6. I am so ashamed of NeNe. She’s wrong as two left feet with 10 pinkie toes for this one. She was loud, childish, roguish, garrish and just plain wrong.

    The only reason to talk as much as she did and to try and constantly talk over another person is to not have the real problem revealed.

    What I also find interesting and has turned me off of NeNe is the fact that Kandi asked her a point blank question: “Did the interviewer make up your quote about me?” Instead of NeNe answering that question, she went right back to the book feedback, which she KEPT speaking on. She never answered the question because she knows she’s lying. She DID say that about Kandi and she didn’t expect to be called on it…especially not to her face. She doesn’t know what to do with herself now. Someone stood up to her and she’s beside herself about it. Handle up, Kandi.

  7. Nene loves to feed off other peoples drama. Notice how she loves it when each of the rhoa talk unkindly about each other. Nene enjoys it as u can see with her laughter. Nene has issues, I can’t get over how she refers to anyone as “Ghetto” when out of the bunch she is the ghettoest! Seriously, has she watched herself on the show? She makes fun of Kims wig but yet has she seen her man haircut. Put her & Greg side by side & one will think its 2 men. No matter how much money she claims to have, none of it can cover up her true uglyness inside and out!

  8. Nene is just plain azz GHETTO, she causes mo hoe drama. At least if she is in a conversation, she could at least be smart enough to be heard !! Ghetto as hell, I don’t blame you Kandi, skip her !! fighting with ghetto ignorance means nothing. Ya heard NENE !!

  9. Kandi, much props to you girl!

    In all honesty, Nene was my favorite Real HofA from the get go! It wasnt until she said, Kandi was “GHHHHEEEEEETTOOOW” yes, elongated and all! You know its just like her wanna be silver spoon fed grimmis arse looking tub o’ lard to say, “it was you NOT me” thats middle school stuff yikes! waaaa waaaaa im gonna hit you now that you standing up to me.

  10. Team Kandi FTW. Nene has had her 15 minutes, now that you got your book deal and decided to tell the truth about your stripper ways, it’s time to call it a day boo boo.

  11. first of all, i fell in love with rhwoa in the first season, but i have notice that the show is streaming a little too much towards nene as though she is running things, it seems that now that ” she feels” she has total control or submission of the other housewives she can now say or act anyway she wants no matter who gets hurt in the process.
    well i think she may have met her match with ms khandi on the show ( good ) i am glad because she needs to know that she is not the only one who will speak up and speak out ” freedom of speech ” is not only for nene leakes. yes, it seems as though she can dish it out but cannot take the fact that everyone will not put up with her “childish bullshit**”. it’s ashame that she is a mother, how embarrassing!

    anyway khandi….you go girl!!


  12. Nee Nee, you need to stop the drama girl!! Kandi is quiet and those are the ones you need to be careful and watch. You are messy Ms. Nee and I think (I know) my girl Kandi can handle up on hers. So, we might as well leave well enough alone before you get that buttt spanked!!! Kandi, stay true boo, you are real!!!

  13. Man NeNe was picking with Kandi from day one she atimidated NeNe so thats why NeNe dont like her because she haedstrong NeNe want somebody she can run and Kandi aint havent it see she want Kandi to be like Lisa a do girl but Kandi aint havent she is goin to get tiny and toya on your ass

  14. I have to agree with the previous poster. Nee Nee has changed since the last season! She walks around gossiping about ALL the ladies on the show and when confronted about she denies it! She was talking about Kandi to Dwight (in the fabric store) like she knew all about her but tells Kandi she doesn’t even know her?! WTH!?? Nee Nee needs to just go and figure out which alter ego she is because it seems she has multiple personalities! If you are going to be real BE REAL!!!!

  15. Did she just threaten Kandi? See that’s what I mean – NeNe needs to crawl back under the rock she crawled from under. She really makes me sick – Kandi let that wannabe argue with herself next time. ugghh what a waste of air space NeNe is —

  16. I don’t know how anyone can stand nene.I didn’t like her last season and don’t like her this season. I wonder HOW long will her and Lisa be friends ? She has gotten into it with everybody else on their. Lisa will whoop her ass cause she’s knows karate. Kandi is my favorite & Lisa when she ain’t being messy. Kandi ain’t scurred of nene man looking ass. She just wants to be mature and she’s a business woman…So it’s very smart of her. Stay sweet kandi.

  17. Forgot to add that Nene says she was in an abusive relationship before. I’m thinking with ALL of that mouth. Why didn’t she get bad with the dude that was beating her ass. Nene gone get in the wrong person face and they gone stump the shytt out of her. Lots of people don’t like Nene OR Sheree. My friends in ATL was telling me that Sheree has made lots of enemies WAY before she came on the show.Sheree is SO arrogant and thinks she is all that. There is NO humility and she only famous cause of being married to Bob Whitfield the NFL player. She doesn’t treat her grown daughter right either. You never even here her mention her ?

  18. well, there you go. Nene Leakes is just pathetic.
    i guess she thinks that if she shouts over intelligent people it will make her tough. well i will ” set the record straight” for those misguided people who thinks her behavior is “being real”
    Please do not get it twisted.
    Ms Khandi, on the other hand has soooo much class and she proved it.
    now, Khandi is real.

    much respect khandi.


  19. Mrs. Grapevine, I absolutely love, adore, and respect you and you have every right to your personal opinions. However, I have to respectfully disagree with your choosing to be “Team NeNe.” NeNe may be entertaining, but she in no way exhibits class or intelligence or candor. Kandi has arrived to where she is today because of her talent, hard work, and creativity. She’s no match for NeNe because she is above NeNe and her childish games and exploits. I’m not even sure why Kandi degrades herself on Real Housewives by associating herself with the pseudo-elite likes of NeNe and Lisa Wu-Hartwell. Kandi has better things to do than mingle with a broke bitch who is regularly evicted from her rented mcmansions.

  20. I believe the issue with Khandi & Nene came when when Kim became friends with Khandi. They were fine before that. When arguing at Sheree’s party Khandi said I have heard you have said things about me and the point Nene was trying to get across, although in a very unladylike manner was that she need to come to her. Nene is playing with logistics though. She may not have said the words Khandi is a weak minded person but did say say that Khandi was allowing what other people(Kim) have told her to influence her opinion of me. Then in the next breath… it takes a weak minded person to let others influence you…same difference. Kim used Khandi for a song and a friend. She was the oddman out last season because of all the lies she told about people along with the truths she told about people’s business. She turned Khandi against Nene who in the begining was her favorite. Sheree forever an oportunist fell into place and made up with Kim after just trying to rip her wig off by coming up with the idea of the engagement party as a way to get closer to Khandi through Kim so she too can hang with Khandi and hopefully surround herself with someone else with the monetary means to pick up the tab Bob Whitfield left behind. Lisa was Khandi’s friend in the beginning so she will continue to be, and although she is friends with NeNe, by default NeNe ends up being the odd man out this time and Kim is loving it. She was jealous that Nene was the break out star from last season and fan favorite while everyone disliked her for being an unapologetic, low class mistress with a bad wig. Even with all the money Big Poppa was paying her publicist(as she is always saying “my publicist said”) she was still not getting the offers and the TV appearances like NeNe was. I am sure Nene rubbed the fact in her face because her 15 minutes seem to have gone to her head. I am sure by now due to the untimely death of Khandi’s former fiancee, AJ, they have all put their differences aside realizing their are more important things than these petty cat fights, but It will be interesting to see on the reunion show if Khandi has realized Kim for what she really is and if Nene came to the conclusion she might need to regroup, readjust, and repackage her attitude if she wants to remain in the good graces of the limlight sell some books and shoes and stretch her 15 min to 30. The bottom line is that Khandi is selling her album, Nene is selling her books, Kim is selling her goodies and I love it. Atlanta Housewives are a messy mess.Bravo BRAVO

  21. although i can respect the last entry, i disagree with it, i’m sorry to say , but nene is a very “ghetto”person that likes drama and attention.
    nene needs to keep her mouth shut about people she don’t know, she DID talk trash about khandi not knowing it would get back to her, but it did.. so yes, khandi confronted her about it, and she wants to get all defensive and shout!!
    come on, didn’t she learn her lesson in the first season when she mocked her “friend” kim (let’s not forget ok) about her not being able to sing, and then when kim gave her the cold shoulder and started hanging with sheree’ her defenses shot back up. now remember last season kim stood by her when sheree dogged her out at her party, and now she wants to try and be all buddy, buddy, with sheree’
    tell me this?? why is it that EVERYONE she talks about should have to come to her for an explaination?
    why won’t she learn to keep her BIG ugly mouth shut about people? and she wouldn’t have to deal with the drama.
    nene leakes needs to grow up.
    and concentrate on her charities, her book and her sons.
    I too hope that in the light of A.J. death these ladies will put their differences aside, and be responsible indiviuals that i know they can be.
    ( i LOVE dwight )


  22. I cannot stand it when I hear a sista talking about somebody being Ghetto. Does ghetto mean black ignorant and stupid. Kandi is the one who let Kim influence her and she did pull her opinion from that. Kim is a lying dirty monkey with a wig on, and I don’t blame Ne-Ne, she can play all of you, but I am not going out like that. Kandi is very weak minded and an tom at that. She gone get paid hanging with Kim, with that dumb hill billy son, Tardy for the Party. It was Ne-Ne who tried to keep them all friends with Kim, who is simple now a hooker with a wig on, straight tramp. If Kandi want to be “Captain Save a Hoe”, then she got a good client in Kim. Ne-Ne is a soldier, like she said, Kim is a dirty lying dog and Kandi is a sell-out. She jumping bad with Ne-Ne for this tramp Kim, who in the long run, gone do her in. I am sticking with my girl Ne-Ne. She has heart and Kim, will stab her own momma in the back with her lying self. So, everyone has potential to be ghetto, even the ones on her acting like they can’t. If someone says something out of character to you, you will get ghetto too, just like Ne-Ne and a gray girl too, please miss me craziness. It’s women like you, who fear women like Ne-Ne, because she tells it like it is at not cost.

  23. ok, here we go again- pushing that old dried out ” defense” sista’s putting down another sista. hello after carefully having to make out what you are REALLY saying,due to mispelled words, i can see now that my observation is right on.
    yes,nene is a “ghetto woman”
    who desperately needs to grow up if for no other reason, her son’s. again, nene DID talk trash about khandi and khandi did exactly what nene says she wants people to do, and that is “come to her to find out” so khandi did just that, and look at the results from that, nene blew the f@#% up and started (of course) shouting thinking that will intimidate khandi, but she was wrong, khandi is going to stand up for herself and nene didn’t like it at all. and as far as kim well as they say ” turn about is fair play” remember the mocking of kim’s singing? and keep in mind this is AFTER kim supported her when her ghetto as was turned away at sheree’s party? and now she’s kissy-kissy with sheree.
    it is so obvious that nene is mad that she is not the total focus that have all the housewives bow down to her.
    and as far as khandi getting paid for hanging with kim?.. are you serious? do you know who ms khandi is? khandi has her own business which is very profitable ok? plus she has a beautiful voice, nene says is just “ok? and that shows nene is a very jealous AND GHETTO person.
    and kim being a hooker with a wig? to me you just describe nene leakes.. was once a stipper and yes she wears a short wig and to find out she CHEATED on her husband greg (at least) twice! hello?
    yes it is bad that kim is sleeping with a married man but at least she is not hiding it, nene wants everyone to be ok with her life so of course that part is not exposed, but trust boo it is very much known.
    and no, no don’t get it twisted there is NO FEAR of nene, all i have to do is speak the truth with class and dignity something nene cannot handle and that is why she tries to shout it out. why shout? why not talk it out in a dignified manner and then give the person a chance to speak their point. it’s all about respect and nene has none.

    ps ghetto has nothing to do with race, but it is ignorant, and stupid while being loud!

  24. NeeNee is too stupid for you to comment to Kandi. Kandi, NeeNee is recorded as saying all of that foolishness on the show. She is not in denial – she is an outright liar. You did not prejudge her. She was jealous of you from that very first show. She said that you look at her funny. Please. She started rolling her eyes at you in the museum. Then she told whoever would listen that you couldn’t sing. And in this interview here, she says that she can say what ever she wants about anyone. But yet she calls you on this interview as you said you wanted to say.

  25. It has been proven that NENe and Lisa are the liars. NeNe lied about stripping and Lisa lies about he family. Kim has never been proven to be a liar. Lisa, Sheree and NeNe are jealous of Kim. Kim gets hers.

  26. How can anyone agree with nene’s behavior !? You would have to be as ignorant, jealous, & childish as her to even like her ??? People that have class and are REALLY about something don’t waste time with people like her. Nene did NOT make the show and she is NOT talented in any shape or form !? ATL has PLENTY of loud ghetto wanna be’s just like her. She can easily be replaced, she has lost a whole LOT of fans by being catty. Peeps is tired of her catty BS. Every damned episode here come Neen with some drama that she be done started, and then cries victim ? I don’t blame Sheree for not inviting her Season 1 to her party; after all look what happened when she DID invite her in Season2 ? She came up & started some mess with Kim & Kandi RIGHT at Sheree’s party. Nene calimed that she didn’t want to be on the song but acted a damn fool in front of everybody about it. I’ll be glad when somebody kicks her ass on there.

  27. Damn LMAO !! I can spell just rushing to keep it “real” like Nene claims to. I know people in ATL that know her and some that have met her. She has gotten arrogant as hell (LMAO) Like she is a REAL starruh !? Huh ? You’re nothing BUT a reality cast member. White America & Bravo are laughing at you. Your 15 minutes are SO up, and that book was horrendous. You took diggs at everybody ? Even your sweet Aunt Nell who raised you when your Mother was TOO busy to. What phucking nerve Linnethia.

  28. I think Kandi is beautiful her inner spirit just outshines everyone on that show.
    I love you Kandi

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