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Rihanna Spotted In NYC…..

MGV SAYS: I think she drew her inspiration from the Smurfs. I love Rihanna, just as much as I love Chris Brown, but it make take a while for me to understand these choices. Sorry RiRi, I just don’t get it.

COTTEN KANDI SAYS: Rihanna was spotted in NYC yesterday leaving a restaurant after grabbing a bite to eat. Unusual? No. What was unusual was the ummm… hat on her head? I know Rihanna is a bit of her trend setter but not this time sweaty, just not this time. [Source]

rihanna 4 Rihanna Spotted In NYC.....

rihanna 3 Rihanna Spotted In NYC.....

rihanna 2 Rihanna Spotted In NYC.....

rihanna Rihanna Spotted In NYC.....

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  1. I don’t think she looks bad. The hat is actually workin’ for me. It’s the pumps I don’t particularly care for a whole lot. The whole outfit would work better if she didn’t appear so forlorn while steppin’ out in it.

    Dang. You’re rich and presumably healthy, Ri. Smile. (Looks like she’s been working out a bit, too; finally showing some definition in her legs. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout, sista’!)

  2. @ anon:

    I love the dress, but the hat and shoes are just throwing me off. And you are right the hat is not so bad, except from the back view, but with this dress, I will pass.

  3. Not digging that hat at all! Jeez,will his chick ever be happy again?? she is way too young to be looking like that…
    she has such a beautiful smile, that we hardly ever see anymore.

  4. I think she is a fucking retard. Her hair looks so nappy in the back.. She is doing all this stuff to get attention. I for one think she needs to let it go and be herself. Stop screaming for the spotlight.. Shes beautiful and would get it naturaly. Im just so over Robin!

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