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Does Michael Jackson Have A Secret Son; Michael Jackson Has A Biological Son

I know this sounds like some tabloid mess, but does Michael Jackson have a son named Omer Bhatti that he kept from the public long before Debbie Rowe stepped into the picture with two kids.  It may not be as bizarre as you think, and there is a picture of this mystery son sitting on the front row at Michael Jackson’s memorial. This rumor started across seas in British newspapers, but who is this Omer Bhatti (Seen Below).

michael jackson secret son Does Michael Jackson Have A Secret Son; Michael Jackson Has A Biological Son

I am not making this up, and this rumor has found it’s way into mainstream media. According to MSNBC, this rumor just may have legs:

Omer Bhatti, the young man being referred to as Michael Jackson’s “secret son” by the British press, was no secret to the pop star’s family. Sources close to the Jacksons say that Bhatti, who often went by Michael J, was introduced to the Jackson family as early as 1992.

Is he really Michael’s biological son?
Although Bhatti appeared mysteriously and without explanation years before Jackson and Debbie Rowe had son Prince Michael, several family friends who protected the pop star’s privacy through the years say they accepted the idea Bhatti was a biological son.

“He looked so much like Michael, especially when he was younger. We have every reason to believe it’s his son,” said another family friend who met Bhatti.

Who is the mother?
Bhatti’s mother remains a mystery to the family. But one famous friend may know her identity.

“Elizabeth Taylor introduced Michael to the mother. That’s all anyone knows about her,” said a source who didn’t know Bhatti personally, but is close to Taylor.

Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean just may have come true! LOL! I will stamp this as false for now, but it does have me thinking.

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  1. Oh I remember this kid!! He’s the little Norwegian boy who use to do the really good Michael Jackson impressions!! MJ liked him so much that he basically took him under his wing and eventually the kid and his family moved into the Ranch with him, believe it or not.

  2. The Jackson family keeps so much stuff secret, you never konw whats true or not

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised. The whole family was/is so secretive. Some secrets indeed were carried to the grave. That is why I like Madonna..she just told the world she was a freak …and look the media left her alone

  4. This kid lives 10mins from where I just to live. He is a friend of my little sister and deffinetly NOT Michael Jacksons son. I know this for a fact because he lives here with his family and starred in small concerts just before he met Michael…The media is crazy! Oslo,Norway

  5. NO, Omer is not Michaels son. He is from Norway, there I come from. He is my friends ex actually, and Michael and Omer get together because Michael loved that Omer looked like him. A very sweet boy :)

  6. He looks like one of Joseph’s Children……..

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