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Why Didn’t Chris Brown Perform At BET Awards? Was It Jay-Z? Cover Girl?

Still developing: The answer is all the above, depending on the “inside source”, all of which have a different reasons.

There are several rumors flying around, so here are the facts. The facts are Chris Brown was an option to perform, and BET held his fate until the last minute. The Jackson Family thought Chris Brown would have been a great choice, and had no problem with the young star performing a tribute to his idol, which would have been his first performance since the assault. BET feared a backlash and couldn’t make up there mind on what to do, and eventually felt it was inappropriate. Other leaders of the community convinced BET that it was not in their best interest.

According to BET Awards Producer, Ron Weisner:

A day and a half ago, we had one show and today we have a whole other show. Overnight, literally, it changed. The show was completely rewritten, we booked additional people — we’re trying to address a very unfortunate situation.

JAY-Z: Now the rumor mill on the other hand is saying that Jay-Z had a hand in making sure Chris Brown didn’t perform, and that’s why he performed D.O.A. The rumor started from a tweet, apparently a Chris Brown dancer (BShaw) had this to say about Jay-Z on twitter, “Jay-Z is mad childish. Never keep a person from paying there [sic] respect.”

Here is the tweet that started all the Jay-Z rumors. The rumor has it,  Jay-Z gave BET an ultimatum, if Chris Brown performs then Jay-Z pulls out. After seeing the show they should have gave Jay-Z the deuces, instead. Now people are adding sponsors to the  list, as well.  Sponsors such as Cover Girl, who has a contract with Rhianna, threatened to pull out.

bet awards chris brown bshaw Why Didnt Chris Brown Perform At BET Awards? Was It Jay Z? Cover Girl?

bet awards chris brown tourex Why Didnt Chris Brown Perform At BET Awards? Was It Jay Z? Cover Girl?

Honestly, I think BET used the drama to their advantage as free publicity, which backfired, because the audience at home had higher expectations, and many felt disappointed. It seems more people than not were pulling for Chris Brown, including the family, and the shows producer.

Bottom line, the people that know definitively aren’t speaking, and there is a lot of speculation. Personally, I think all these things were part of the issue, and it was too big of a hurdle for BET to jump.

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  1. Again politics…stupidity…and ppl who live in glass house

  2. *houses..

  3. It is unfortunate that Chris Brown did not perform; that was the only reason I watched. That “I’ll be there” tribute bu Neyo and Jamie Fox wasn’t good.

  4. BET suuuuuuuuuuuuuuked da show boring as fuuuuuuk boooo booooooooooooooooooooo

  5. I see both sides of it, and I think they both lost. BET probably would have got an bad image if they let Chris Brown sing after what just happened in the last month. I understand MJ passed away but may have cause more anger from some people, being that it was so recent. BET could have done alot better, you have Kanye West sitting there….who DID sing on MJ’s last album that came out. I know Alicia Keys could have done something great too. I think BET drop the ball and just wanted some ratings on a bad show that I will never watch again. That was no tribute to him, that was a rush. Which I understand they only had a couple days to put it together. BUT DON’T HYPE IT UP. Like it’s going to be the BOMB, when all we got was a firecracker. They said secret special guest performing. I think I got lost in the secret, cause I didn’t see much special. You come out and say MJ is ours and we shared him with the world….. I think in the next couple months on the other Award shows watch the WORLD really share it with you BET and show you how its really done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m done ranting. I think

  6. NO, I’m not done. You put New Edition for your opening act. Did you not hear them in reharsal and see that evidently they couldn’t sing live. I wanted to change the channel right then. I Tweeted Mrs Grapevine and she told me to wait there is more it’s going to be good and they extended it to pay much tribute to him. So I held out hope FOR HOURS waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I got a little blip with Ne-YO, Keri Hilson did good too. Jamie Foxx, I like you….But all you did was a little “Bad” skit and moonwalk, you promoted your tour more than you did remembering MJ, you sang TWO, let me say again in TWO songs you couldn’t scratch one for a tribute to MJ. WHO is running BET, and the award show? I know it is a recession but I don’t think you have fired that many people??????? Do you need help?

  7. No, I’m not done. You opened the show with New Edition, did you not hear them in rehearsal and not know they couldn’t sing live today! I wanted to change the channel. I tweeted Mrs. Grapevine, but she told me to wait there is more and special guests “plurl”, so it will be good. So I waited for HOURS and didn’t see anyting special. I got a blip with Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson and Ciara were good, but it wasn’t much in a 3.5 hour show. You do the math. Jamie Foxx, I like you…but man you did more promoting your tour than remembering MJ. You performed in TWO, I say again TWO songs. You couldn’t scratch one and sing a MJ song. I bet you will be first in line to try to play him in a movie.

  8. The ending after Janet Jackson with Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx was good. But I EXPECTED MORE. I’m done now

  9. Hogwash! They let felons get on that stage every year!!! Lil’ Wayne, T.I, Rick Ross,and the list goes on and on. Chris Brown, is and always will be, the exception. What BET won’t do, MTV WILL. MTV will go after Chris hard because they are looking for someone to replace MJ and only Chris comes even remotely close.

  10. I definitely expected more. It’s hypocritical to say they couldn’t let him on in lieu of his legal issues when you give an award to T.I. who is about to serve time for trying to purchase illegal machine guns and silencers from the police. WTH? BET is confused. It couldn’t have been any worse if he’d performed, that’s all I’m saying.

  11. I believe BET did what they did out of respect for Rihanna, and for all you saying Jay Z is childish so is chris brown he lost his temper which is what children do, and hurt another person. I see both sides but one more strongly

  12. OK I want to start out by saying the main reasons I tuned in was to see the chris brown dance tribute. I watched three hours of pure BS. The Chris Brown Rhianna situation is over. Micheal Jackson is dead and gone and to tell Chris that he cant pay tribute to Micheal is so wrong. One situation has nothing to do with the other. If the FAMILY was ok with Chris performing then that should have been that. The Jackson family should have been the ones to have the final say; Not some camel faced old man who doesn’t know when he’s too old to be bopping around on a stage with his pants sagging off his ass like he’s 22 damn yeasr old. I mean Really “Hova”…Really…
    Ho Sit Down…

  13. BET should have said no from the beginning if it was an issue respect or propriety. They let the Chris Brown rumors get out of hand, and at the 11th hour changed their program when they knew the world was looking to them.
    If they wouldn’t have toyed with the idea their would have been this expectations. They could have said “no” days ago instead of an hours before the show.

  14. this is bull shit the only reason why i watched the show was because my favorite singer was going to be paying a tribute to michael jackson so i kept watching for hope that he was going to come out and make the show the best BET awards and anyway its none of jay-z business who performs on the show he dont control shit. and i dont know why he said something because he didnt even pay a tribute to michael jackson jay-z needs to sit the hell down with his old ass and mind hes business. and if the family says they think it would be good for chris brown to perform let the man perform that shit is 4 months old now about to be five. and the opening to the show was a hot mess hey needed to let chris brown do it…..the wholle show was a mess
    love, you chris brown you coul of out shined all them bitches that did a bad job especially jay fuckin z

  15. The BET Awards last night was a mess..BET has alot of favortism I see and thats not right. If the Jackson family said it was a good choice for Chris Brown to perform then BET should have let that happen. I only watched the show because I thought the rumors was true that he was going to perform. How could BET not do a live tribute with Thriller. I didnt see any surprises last night.

    • @ Tina:
      That was my exact words on twitter, where is Thriller.

  16. I waited all night for Chris to perform because I knew he was the only performer who could do MJ justice. I was soo disappointed!!! I thought he would close the show. Had I known he was not going to perform I would have stopped watching at 10:00. Bad move by BET and for the record if Jay Z is so shallow maybe he is having ‘relations’ with Rihanna. The show was not about him it was about paying tribute to MJ and who better than C Brown to do that?

  17. The show was not about Rihanna, Jay Z or Beyonce. It was a tribute to MJ. Chris Brown is the only performer alive today who could have brougt the spirit of MJ to the awards last night. I love MJ and I do not believe the accusations brought against him years ago. With that said, does anyone else think it is a bit crazy for BET to honor a man who was accused of molesting a child yet, they are condemning a man who got into a fight with his girlfriend–does anyone else see how backwards this thinking is on the part of BET? Rest in peace MJ; Chris Brown you will be back on top soon so never mind the haters!!!

    • @ n2me:

      The show was suppose to be about MJ, and you pick the best in the game. If BET felt it was inappropriate then they should have said, no from the jump, and squashed all the rumors, instead of riding the wave of publicity. I don’t think everyone here is Chris Brown fan, they just the missteps made.

  18. BET is a bunch of bullshit.favoritism is the name of the game they played. honestly, I think it was Jay z and beyonce who had this shit all planned out. more rumors are that beyonce wanted 2 open the show with i’ll be there and she threw a bitch fit bcuz BET told her no. once again, have you ever seen beyonce at the BET awards if she wasnt nominated or if she wasnt gonna perform? BET wanted ratings and with out Jay z or Beyonce, it wouldnt have happened….so they thought. It was bullshit from the beginning!! Chris Brown was wrong for what he did, but he suffered enough and for Bet to let Jayz have anything to do with this decision was crudy. Rihanna is ok!! She moved right the fuck on with Drake. So all the Bullshit can stop. U give awards to drug dealers, drug abusers, convicted felons, but Chris Brown who had a minor altercation with an ex girlfriend, got the boot. Jay z old as a bitch and beyonce looke like a wtf on wheel!! I dont think I can ever watch the bet awards again. forgiveness is key and michael was accused of many things, do you really think this is what he would have wanted? Why do you think the Jackson family was okay with Chris Brown performing!!! They kno whow the media scrutinized michael and they looked past Chris Browns drama. Case in point only two words can describe last night… Hypocritical & Bullshit.

  19. BET and Jay Z may have done Chris Brown a huge favor by not letting him perform. Think about, this just goes to show how strong Chris’ fanbase is, even after the fact. If God and Rihanna has forgiven him, who are we to judge. Rihanna didn’t even show up last night, perhaps so that he could perform. It’s amazing how hipocritical we can be sometimes. I stopped watching BET years ago, and I see why. If they let dopeheads (yeah I said it), gun toting ex-cons (and I love TI), and other criminals perform, what was wrong w/ Chris. As I recall, Jay Z has no room to talk because he punched a woman in the face.

    Besides, BET stopped playing Michael’s music YEARS ago. So whatever. I’m sure MTV will put one one hell of a show and if they have any sense, they’ll listen to the Jacksons wishes. Who knows, maybe they can get to do a number or two. That’ll show BET.

  20. I think you are wrong if you think more people were pulling for Chris Brown. Most people felt it would have been tacky and irresponsible of BET to let him perform so quickly after pleading to a felony assault.

    BET made the right call. If it had been next year, it might have been a whole nother story…….

  21. If it was for money reasons, then i can see them not letting him perform. But if it was J saying he wouldn’t perform….rap performances are never that live anyway-

  22. @ Vicky:

    Many people behind the scenes, not people of the court of opinions, who feel his career should be over, and they don’t know the facts.

  23. @ Vicky:
    If they felt it would have been irresponsible then they should have made that decision from the beginning, instead of trying to see if they could get away with it.

    I said in earlier comment, it’s not about putting Chris Brown on stage, it’s about turning this into media circus, and pulling him at the 11th hour.

    They could have said, no, on day one, then built a show around Usher, Justin, and Ne-Yo.

  24. CB cant sing tho all he can do good is dancing… Fact
    And MJ did it all well
    CB will never be 1/100 of what MJ was and is
    I think that bet shouldnt have caved in into the demands of cb fans
    Come on now
    CB was just using the situation to get back into the limelight & good graces of some folks
    His intentions were not pure

  25. @ Ha:

    I don’t see how Chris Brown’s intention weren’t pure. Michael Jackson is a constant part of his act since he stepped on the scene. I think he’s very genuine in wanting to pay homage to Michael Jackson. This is probably going to hurt him more than his confession of guilt or probation. Sometimes Karma makes you pay, and Chris Brown is paying.

  26. I dont understand why they let Beyonce perform when she trashed the Jackson family a few short months ago. This was nothing more that her continuing to be a media whore. She disrespected the Jackson family and didnt deserve to be a part of the tribute. It only disgusted me because I know how disingenuous it was. And BET was stupid to not let Chris perform. He was a fan and a friend of Michael, and he did a great job when he did Thriller in 2006. That’s why the show turned out to be a bust. They decided to cater to Jay Z and his wife and left out the people that were true to Michael. Disgusting.

    RIP Michael

  27. The problem is that Chris has not fully made amends yet. He has kept his mouth shut and hoped things blow over. You cant be forgiven if your not asking for it.

  28. @ Clnmike:

    I fully agree, we haven’t had insight into his thoughts, his side of the story, or his remorse.

    Sometimes a simple, I’m sorry to the public goes a long way.

    Maybe he’s making amends with Rihanna first, and will worry about everyone else later.

  29. i think it is irrelevant whether Chris Brown has asked the public for forgiveness. the most important thing is that he makes peace with his God and his victim. he has faced the consequences of his actions as his freedom now hangs in the balance for 5 years.
    what is important is that BET touted this show as being a tribute to MJ and if they truly wanted to do it any justice they would have let Chris perform. it was very apparent from the repetitive performances by Neo and Jamie Foxx that there were not enough performers. i waited for 3 and 1/2 hrs for Chris and i continue to wait. but i won’t despair some other award show will do Micheal homage and allow Chris to do his tribute.

  30. Clnmike, I think that CB has suffered enough. Also Rihanna seems to have forgiven him so why cant the public? No one is perfect. What I do find pathetic though is people like Jay Z hating on a 20 year old young man, and denying him a chance to redeem himself and pay homage to an icon. For those of you that dont know, there is a video of Jay Z hitting a woman and paying her not to file charges.. Double standards much? If Chris Brown was not the “image” that BET was going for, what made Beyonce a better choice? She openly disrespected the Jacksons and never aplolgized and had her sister egging her on, so what message does that send? Its alright to mock people in life, but when they pass do something to make people forget about it so that you still look good? Sorry BET was wrong for that, and if she was able to get a pass Chris should have received one too. What Beyonce said was reason enough for her not to be on that stage paying a fake so called tribute.

  31. Haters,that’s all they is.They should of let Chris Brown perform.T.I got an award and he’s in jail but Chris only got probation and he can’t even step his foot on stage,that is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!Rihanna needs to come out and tell them what happened cause from what I had heard,Rihanna slapped Chris in the face.And Jay-Z need to mind his own goddamn business.He wasnt even paying tribute to MJ.His perfomance was BARf anywayz.And Beyonce acted like she didnt even wanted to pay tribute to MJ.BET,Beyonce and Jay-Z is full of crap.Now if it was MTV,they would’ve ask Chris to do a tribute to him,matter of fact last thursday while they were showing all MJ videos they had showed Chris Brown performing Thriller from the MTV Awards.But anywayz what i’m trying to say is that the incident happend 5 months ago.If they can forgive T.I for buying machine guns,they can forgive Chris Brown.

  32. wow…this is outrageous. So BET revamped the entire award show to pay tribute to a brother that other media outlets and people in general tried to break…but we allowed our own people to hold another brother down. This is a pure example of why we as blacks should stop saying that the white man is trying to hold us down…because guess what, we’ve got that covered on our own. Jay Z and the rest knew that Chris would have stole the show…that’s why they didn’t want him to perform. And if he’s so concerned about women..why don’t he tell his wife to put on some clothes….does she always have to be half naked. And FYI, BET, Jay Z has a rap sheet…so what makes him any better then Chris?

  33. The question should be: Why would BET allow him to perform!?

  34. Diva
    Comment made on June 29, 2009 @ 5:59 am

    I believe BET did what they did out of respect for Rihanna, and for all you saying Jay Z is childish so is chris brown he lost his temper which is what children do, and hurt another person. I see both sides but one more strongly……yea hes wrong but that shouldnt stop him from paying respect the awards were borin no lie but would u rather listen to DOA over a michael jackson tribute performance that would include insane dancin sing n energy like he would do himself…i kno it wouldnt be a MJ performance but it would be the closest they coulda gotten…jay z is so wrong for doin this…TI wins n award Lil wayne performs Snoop shows up on stage all these guys have been to jail..jay sold judges not to mention the picture of him pushing n another girl…all i can say is lets wait for MTV to show up BET tremendously when brown hits the stage

  35. Ok So Everyone Can Forget About When Hova Pushed The Lady In Her Face But You Cant Forgot When Chris Brown Hit Rihanna. Everyone Who Said That Is Like A Hypocrite. Jay Z Is A Hypocrite. Michael Jackson Died. That Was The Whole Point Of The Tribute. Chris Brown Would Have Really Made The BET Awards Show So Much Better. Death Of Autotune Sucked. Im Not Saying Forget But Yall Need To Forgive. No Ones Perfect And You Cant Sit Here And Say You Are. We All Make Mistakes Yall Need To Forgive Chris Let ByGons Be Bygons And Move The Hell On. Jay Z Need To Grow The Hell Up And Before He Points Fingers Make Sure His HAnds Are Clean. Everyone Is Being so Hard On Chris. Give Him A Break EveryBody Messes Up. everyone Deserves A Second Chance. Stop Thinking Rihanna Is So Innocent, Cause She Isnt. If i Were Chris Brown’s Sister i Would Have Whooped Her Butt Myself.. Im Not Even A Fan Of Chris But Jay-Z Went Too Far With That. That Was “Mad Childish” Of Him.

  36. I agree about putting Chris Brown on the stage with Justin, Usher, and Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bell Aire. We can only depend on what can be the greatest tribute from MTV….so please MTV if you are listening you will have my back and I will keep all the tv’s on in my house…make it something worth watching because the only enjoyment I got out of the BET awards were the awards for Alicia, Wyclef, and the O’Jays. BET you are banned from our household till you know how to truely pay your respects.

  37. If BET can forgive MJ for what he did then why can’t they forgive Chris.

  38. I’m sure Chris Brown feels a lot better after all this drama.


  40. Chris Brown definitely should have gotten the chance to perform and pay his respects. 80% of the people that where at the awards have made a mistake of some magnitude, Even though JZ wore shades, he looked like a camle with shades. You can’t hide the ugliness bra. But next time try to hide the hate if you had anything to do with holding up from Chris pay his respects.

    P.S. When you where younger you didn’t move like that. Now you bouncing on stage like K West. You may have been sing DOA but it looked like death of an old man. Mike was turning over in his grave on that one. He probably would have been smilling at a tribute from Chris who at ninteen has more talent then you did when you were twenty five fifteen years ago.

  41. I agree with most of the comments. The BET was a terrible tribute to Michael. Beyonce and JayZ need to get over themselves cause we are. I am ashamed to see us as black people be so critical of each other. Chris Brown is a young man who mad a mistake. Why cant we help him? His career should not be over at 19yrs old. They trying to label him as a woman abuser he hasn’t even made it to manhood to even date a woman yet. They are children and he can be counseled and rehabilitated if they feel he has such a problem. I am just disgusted with the black artist rallying against him, the media, and sponsors. Kobe was accused of rape and got on the stage, JayZ hit a woman so isn’t he an abuser also? It is plenty of criminals in the black entertainment and they were much older than Chris and should have been held more accountable of their actions. I might not fool with BET again except to watch the Game if they pick it up from CW. MTV prob will do a better tribute but it doesn’t matter they are owned by the same people Viacom.

  42. this was total BS , i mean chris woulda probably did a good job and i’m not even a chris brown fan , but i am a micheal jackson fan and i thought that CB woulda done a great tribute , and jay-z threatened to pull out?? he shoulda never even been performing , he is so Washed up and OVERRATED , death of autotune ?? how about death of jay-z songs .

  43. CB has a genuine love and admeration for Micheal from day one in his career, as did mike for CB. If BET was really trying to pay tribute to Mike then hands down Chris was the man for the job. Inspite of the CB controversy the Award show could have been much better. Many of the best performers were onlookers to the train wreck that BET put together and tryed to pass off as a tribute. Next time BET check with the veiwers remember you are Black Entertainment Television not old ass Jay Z television. Besides he’s a has been riding Beonce coat tail.

  44. Yall made me feel better after reading these comments! Truth is I have been on 2 reefus and cee cee(jay z and beyonce) 4 some time now!They seem 2 think the world revolves around them! News flash it don’t! I wasn’t a fan of cb but now I am!CB. Usher, neyo and guiwine wld have turned the show out! It wld have been something 2 see! BET failed MJ and they shld be shamed! Jay z is a hater! I’m sick of him hating on t-pain also! Warning 2 kanye watch your back because it won’t be long before he starts hating on u! Oops he already did wit DOA! If he wants 2 do someone justice start with his wife get her some public speaking classes because she is a very poor speaker!

  45. I’m sorry yall I’m so ticked off! Everything MJ gave us musically was genious and perfect! How dare them title that crap a tribute! I lost major respect 4 jamie fox and felt the show was inappropriate and not fit 4 an family oriented audience! I was so ashamed and embarrassed by the light tone that was set for the show! In my opinion I felt it shld have took on a more serious direction! I just learned from this blogg that jay z previously hit or pushed a women and that wife of his previously disrespected the jacksons at one point publicly! Now I’m sitting here wondering what the hell was they doing in the line up! If it was intended 2 pay the jacksons respect its safe 2 say BET shld have had performers who actually care about them! You know performers that respect them and wld uplift them in their time of sorrow! I have a question do jay z hold some type. Of high position on BET boards or did he save them from bankruptcy in this recession? Because I’m trying 2 figure out why he is calling shots!

  46. Don’t hit a grown man and expect not to get hit back, she’s over it so I’m over it and remember she didn’t immediately break up with him, the vid of Jay Z PUNCHING ol girl in the face is on youtube, and Beyonce wore a damn umbrella, so is she trying to be Rhianna since J is playing captain for her. BET has been crap and this confirms it! Damn Trash!

  47. I don’t think its fare how jay z
    Said chrisbrown not perfofrming like he don’t run the show and if it was supposed to be decaited to machel jackosn they sjould have split the shows up one for machel jackson and then the awards show cuz it was not good more aritst could of tribute to machel and did better I was dissopinted and it was very disturbinq and I thought I was very bad I was not impressed at all !!

  48. I wasn’t impressed more r&b artist could have made the show stand out it would have been qood if chrisbrown performed but anaways like they should of made to shows out of it and like made it ways better and why is it when some one die they do somethinq big like come one they could of been this this like I wanted to chanqe the channel so bad and deck jay z he ruined chris performence chrisbrown can dance his butt off but like the awards this year wasn’t even worth it I would have asked for my money back like it wasn’t even qood like maybe like 5 performaneces was qood but the show all together was wack beyonce my gurl but she sucked 4 real like this was crazy

  49. i think that chris brown should have perform whatds he do in his personal life has nothing to do with his career. its always the blacks people trying to bring down their own people. we really dont know what happen rhianna could have been abusing chris and one day he got fed up and retilated . On the other hand i dont listen to jay z he is wack and he should have kept his damn mouth close.

  50. I believe Chris Brown should have performed last year on the BET Awards…. He would have made the show much, much, MUCH more better than what it turned out to be… If this is true about what Jay-Z had said then I am very disappointed in him…. Truefully, Jay didn’t even pay tribute to MJ, even though he said a few words at the end of his performance, that wasn’t enough…. As far as Beyonce, I’m glad that she perform a few of her slow songs to pay tribute to the King and also I’m happy that she thanked him when she recieved her award, but I am highly upset from what I’ve heard about her disrespecting the Jacksons…. That’s crazy…. Well, with Chris not performing just because of the “incident” that happen, everyone makes mistakes, the public only made it into a big deal because there celebrities…. Many couples deal with this daily and I never see many shows talking about this until the “incident” happened… I feel as though Chris deserved every right to perform and pay his respects to the King… Chris looked up to the King from DAY ONE…He every did a tribute to the King at one of his concerts BEFORE the King passed away…. Many people thought they MJ was werid BEFORE he passed, but NOW everyone saying, “He’s the greatest the best!!!” Why yall never said this before he passed?? Why y’all just saying this now?? Come on, fake people these days…. Now everyone is hating Chris Brown, but what would happen if he passed away?? What would people say then?? You never can’t hold a grudge on someone for too long, because then when something happens to that person, you’ll regret it…… I am always gonna suppourt Chris no matter what… I agree, what he did was wroug, but come on, ITs OVER…. We are not here to judge his personal life…. What we judge is his CAREER…. We love this man, his talent, and are we just going to let his talent go to waste just because of what happen in his personal life?? Seriously, I hope BET makes Chris perform one of his songs this year on BET Awards…. If not, then on many of there awards in the future…..Never hold a grudge on someone, cause you never know what can happen…. I hope people take this message in mind from a fifteen year old…..

  51. Mrs Grapevine how are you i think you know who i am SMILE chris adopted momo just came home checking on chris on his web page i see you and i click to you i know this came last year but i want to thank you for remined people of what is the truth of the matter we the teambreezy is still asking BET if chris is going to perform 2010 bet award night they got gunslinger drug dealer woman abuser and the list goes on chris is being nomaiated for R&B he is in the lead they don’t like it but the fans wants this he is in the for fanomouium for bet so we are asking BET to be the bigger persons and let chris perform they got rick ross ti criminals it alright to tell kid sell drugs sling gins go to jail come and be king they are no role model for my grandchildren so thanks i started reading and started crying because i thank you’ll are right because being a black person and seen how the black community did this kid they were horribly and to see how the white community did with charlie sheen they did nothing they kept their mouth close black folks will never learn but karma is a mother

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