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Tribute: Michael Jackson Tribute In Pictures


Michael Jackson was a complicated individual, but I don’t know of too may musical geniuses who weren’t. Actually, I don’t know too many individuals who are not. The movie Crash, really help me to see, that the most complicated person is a conflicting mix of greatness and failures. Today it’s important to put this man’s life in perspective because he has grown into a caricature. I argue that we always tease the ones we love, and some of the jokes we told came from a good place, and some of those jokes others told came from a place that was just mean spirited and vile.

Over the last few months I was truly concerned about his health, and the jokes began to stop. I can see how weak he was, and I knew in my heart of hearts the end was near. I just felt it would be a process, where we could grieve, and not a lost in a matter of moments while I’m pumping gas.

I am angry that his handlers were doping him and pushing him to the brink of death, knowing full well Michael was not capable of 50 concerts in his current condition. The people that surround celebrities don’t care about their best interest, they care about the pay checks and favors that come from being a “yes man”. So many pain killing drugs were pushed into his system, perhaps by choice at times, but this time he was not alone.

In my generation he was not a freak show, but a sexy pop icon. You don’t believe me, here is a picture of the Michael Jackson we had a crush on:

micahel sexy jackson Tribute: Michael Jackson Tribute In Pictures


Michael Jackson is the most influential man in the world. I would like to say that is an understatement, but his name is Michael Jackson in every language on this earth, and his reach is global. It spans across generations and cultures. I remember seeing him overseas on TV with crowds of people, then he would touch one person, and they would pass out. They fainted from his touch:

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  1. Great find on the pics and the site looks great. RIP M.J.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos of MJ. People who haven’t made the journey with him musically don’t really get it. He was all that talentwise!

  3. I really enjoyed your commentary about Michael. It’s some of the best I’ve seen as I’ve been strolling through the blogs. All I can say is that I think perhaps Michael’s passing, as painful as it is for all of us, just may have been the best thing for Michael. Far too much stress and strain was on the brother, and there was no letup in sight. At age 50, he deserved more to look forward to than a steady downhill fall for the next 30 or so years, which I think sadly could have happened.

  4. Before I forget, let me say I like the new look of the site.

    On Michael, thank you for addressing the possible circumstances of his death head on. I too was angered to hear that his handlers have been enabling him even though we could see from years back that he may no longer have had people around him who had his best interest at heart.

    I know I’m repeating myself, b/c you’ve read what I’ve said elsewhere, but it’s not sinking in yet for me.

  5. A rare pic in which he actually looks happy. RIP…

    By the way I love the new look!

  6. Man, to actually see/hear that this man is gone…is impossible to comprehend! I can remember after, back as a youngster, that after the release of a new song/video we would be in the streets the next day imitating or having dance contests to see who could pop his moves the best…
    I can also remember after when Michael Jackson, first came out at the music awards with the Moon Walk, every one of us couldn’t believe it, “How did he do that, what was that, where did he come up with that?” The next day walking to school, in class, at lunch break, walking home kids were saying “Nah, man he did it like this, watch,” and no-one could quite get it, right…but everyone was doing it and wishing they could be Michael!
    Who of us, can’t remember all the dance/look alike impersonators or every one of us wanting a gheeri-curl and sporting the Michael Jackson jackets/clothes…kids in the streets trying to be just like Michael, for no better reason than we had nothing better to do than imagine we were Michael Jackson ourselves! No man in music or stardom touched the world like this heaven sent angel did!
    Without Michael Jackson there wouldn’t have been no break dancing, hip-hop dancing, crump dancing, no true music or dancing that we know of today!!!
    Michael you will be utterly missed and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I personally feel that I have lost a great piece of my life with your death and lost a member of my personal family!
    Oh, how “I can remember the times, Michael!”
    Michael should be ever remembered as a great wonder of the world for all times!
    Michael, please know that you will be held in the stars and heavens for us all!
    We love you and you will forever be missed by us all!

  7. Beautiful tribute Mrs. Grapevine! I agree with you Keith. It’s hard to accept, but sometimes this transition from physical life to eternal life is the only thing that could give someone peace. He never has to hear the mean things people said about him and the horrible accusations made about him. Eternal peace for the Prince.

  8. Well dang, where did you get that first photo? That was hawt. As I’ve said many times before, I wish he’d have been happy enough with himself that he wouldn’t have gone through all those plastic surgeries. He was a cutie back in the day.

  9. i love youuuuuuuuuuuu michael ((((my bear my kitten my sweet michael is in mine he is my heart

  10. i’m from georgia..i love michael he is my life i’m not alone he is here with me..i belive (he knows that i love hi very very very very i will come with you michael i love you…and every time you are in mine..my sweet bear((((((((((

  11. i love his hands his eyes his hug and everything((((i will see him i belive (i love michael love love love why?why i can not to feel he…why?michael is in my heart and always is here with me..i am far from america but michael is here..))mikhvarxar..samudamod..(h)shen xar chems gulshi..

  12. michael mikhvarxar chemi cxovreba xar..(why do i love so much..(i am feeling him here now..he is loughing now)my sweet michael i love you and you hear my words mikhvarxar….(chemo sicocxle i will come with you when i will death..i promise you..)my kitten

  13. Te amo Michael,eres el mejor nunca te olvidaremos, no he conocido un hombre tan dulce y lindo como lo fuiste tu, no hay hombre que se parezca a ti ni siquiera que este cerca, eres único, te amo, y será para siempre…

    you are the best ever you forget, I have not known a man so sweet and nice as went it, no there is man that looks like you don’t even this close, you are only, I love you, and will be forever…


  14. michael jackson was my boyfriend and we dated alot we kiss and he love me and i love him and this true what im saying it not fake im not making it up he yes all ways in my heart and his songs will live forever i love u babe

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