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Old School Friday: R.I.P Michael Jackson

I missed my Old School Family so much. Y’all are the most progressive and genuine bloggers I know.  Celebrity bloggers (Perez Hilton) can be very vicious and mean spirited, and I’m glad I have a network of people like you.

I have not been a fan of Michael Jackson in recent years, but my childhood is filled with wonderful memories of the most complex individual of my time. We joked about him so much, and took his talents for granted and like an old friend said, “Death adds value to life. (Thanks J Kristopher).

But today we celebrate our best memories of Micahel Jackson, and so I’m going way back to when I was a little girl listening to Thriller on my blue jean record player. Hands down Thriller is the best, some may say Bad, but sorry it’s Thriller. I have always had an old soul when it comes to music, and so my first choice is not the most popular Michael Jackson song:

This second song is probably the saddest song in the world,  next to Man In the Mirror. I love this song because it’s so simple, yet cheesy, but oh so good.

Michael was great at fusing styles and this funk, pop rock combination, is one of his best songs. I forgot about this song until today.

Last, but not least.

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  1. Oh my…I’m trying not to cry again. I have all of these memories flooding my head. I was trying to explain to my son why I was inconsolable; he just gave me a hug and told me he understood (he has no idea). But I’m glad that he tried!

    Like you said, it is so hard to pick a bad song…I’ve been watching videos all night and am amazed all over again at what an outstanding and absolutely amazing performer he…was.

    He was…

  2. AWESOME Selections!!!
    Glad That U are back in the loop. U have been missed.

    LOVE the New Look!!!

  3. I’ll be jamming to his music all day. I don’t care what they say at work.

  4. I love Dirty Diana. Actually, I love all these songs.
    And when I see Michael in these videos I am always all tingling again like when I was younger. He looks so FINE.

  5. Nice picks. Sad day.

  6. Like many, I will be listening to a lot of MJ and J5 over the next few days. I will also be in Gary, home of the J5, for a funeral in my own family. Very sad. I hope he has found peace.

  7. Wonderful tribute and good commentary. He’d become so reclusive. The tour would have put him back in the public eye again, but you know how it goes. We will be hearing more about him in the next five or ten years than we’ve heard in the last five years.

    So many emotions.

  8. Excellent picks! He will be missed. You know “Rock With You” got my vote!
    There are many songs of Michael’s that I love and as a young girl I (as all other young girls did!) had the biggest crush. As I got older I fell out of love and as an adult I liked his music less and less but no one can every say that he did not have talent and break multiple barriers for the generation of performers that came after him.
    I hope he is finally at peace, something I think eluded him in life. This is definitely a loss of an awesome talent. RIP – MJJ.

  9. You’re not alone inf you Lady in My Life love…I’ve seen a lot of folk featuring that today. Even though you say man in the mirror is the saddest, its my absolute favorite (tho i didnt feature it). Great choices and RIP Michael

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