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Chris Brown & Rihanna Attend NBA Finals Together? Is Rihanna Playing Games?

Some how everyone knew these two kids would be at the same NBA Finals Game at the same time before they even appeared at the game. I am going to go a step further and call a foul on the play for two reasons.

First reason: We already know a publicist or PR person leaked the information, so that’s a gimmie. In this business if it seems suspect, I have learned that it probably is.

Second reason: Chris Brown attended the NBA eastern conference, where we saw a picture of him with Usher, and Chris Brown also attended Game 4 of that eastern conference where we saw pictures of him with Bow Wow. Then Rihanna decides she wants to go to a game, too. My question is why did Rihanna feel the need to go to the finals? Is she that big of a basketball fan? Didn’t she know Chris Brown was going to be there? I don’t like games, and I’m not talking about basketball, either, and this here is what men call silly games. If you are a woman then you know what I’m talking about…



Rihanna Chris Brown NBA Finals

Now look at Rihanna in the picture above looking miserable (taken during Game 4 of the finals) , compared to the other night pictured below. I don’t think it was worth it…


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