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Kelly Rowland Gets A New Manager


After parting ways with long time manager Matthew Knowles and his label Music World Entertainment earlier this year, Kelly Rowland’s career seemed doomed.

But being the true survivor Rowland signed on as co-host of the hit reality show The Fashion Show on BravoTV, is in the works on her third album and has now chosen a new manager, Jeff Ranham, Kelis’ old manager.

Rumors are already circulating that Kelly and the Knowleses relationship is strained and former BFF Brandy is back in the picture. Its rumored that Kelly and Brand y parted ways due to Rowland’s strong ties and devotion to the Knowles family. Brandy even twittered about the reunion.

On the phone with @Kelly_Rowland..I am so blessed to have her back in my life:)

Congrats to Kelly and making new moves! Wishing you much success.

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