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Chris Brown Plea Deal – No Jail Time – 5 Years Probation – Pled Guilty

Rihanna releases statement through lawyer:

Riahanna had no objection to the plea agreement, Rihanna believes this is a fair and just resolution to this case. Rihanna wishes to thank from the bottom of heart the district attorney’s office and the Los Angeles police department, that showed her only courtesy and compassion through the course of this case.

Did Chris Brown Get A Fair Deal?

Rihanna will not testify today because Chris Brown has taken a plea deal instead. Chris Brown will work 180 days in a domestic violence program, he will be on probation for 5 years for felony assault, which is a set-up, and he will not serve any jail time. Some may be upset that he will not serve any jail time, but Rihanna did not have to take the stand, and undergo harsh interrogations. We all wanted to know what happened, but the plea ruin our chances of a trial. Is this justice, is this a win/win situation? Chris Brown Pleads Out…

Chris Brown must maintain his distance from Rihanna, and undergo counseling for domestic violence. I hope these two can move on and be better role models to our teens. My nosy behind will never know what happened.

chris brown arrives2 to court1 Chris Brown Plea Deal   No Jail Time   5 Years Probation   Pled Guilty

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  1. IDK…They are both so young…IMO 5 years probation is too harsh…these are kids and I know men right now who haven’t stepped foot in a court off of a domestic violence incident…IDK…since it looks like we’ll never really know what truly happened I guess its just one of those things…still sucks tho.

  2. I agree with you. I’m not sure why he took a deal, but he may still have feelings for Rihanna, and just didn’t want to put her through it, or he didn’t want to ruin his public image. I hope it’s the former.

  3. I still think that there is more to this story. I feel bad for both of them. They are so young and we have all made mistakes. I will continue to support both of them.

  4. @ Leslie:

    I do, too. I think I look on the other side sometimes because I have sons, and as a mother it just deosn’t seem right for him to snap, but you never know, and we never will. I just feel like people should have waited for the facts, and for whatever reason he pled out.

  5. I’m glad he took the deal personally. Now it’s over & he can really move on with his life without it looming over him. He’s just a baby (Mike Tyson voice-LOL) and these 5 yrs of keeping his nose clean will breeze by (no pun intended).

  6. That boy needs professional counseling. And Rhianna should be to herself for awhile.

  7. @ Theyhadsaid:

    Hopefully, he can move on. You are so wrong for the mike Tyson voice. He’s young (not an excuse), but I rather he learns than us criminalize him.

  8. @ Gamma:

    He’s need some counseling, and some Jesus, and a whoppin’. He should go on The View or on Oprah as punishment, they will teach him.

  9. I’m glad that this situation is coming to an end. Chris will get what he deserves (karma don’t play), and they can both move on with their lives and careers-

  10. Since he can’t be around her, I guess no more duets. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…… Would we really believe the words in the song?

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