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BET Awards: Alicia Keys Best Dress, Mystery Dress

Strangely there was some confusion over Alicia Keys dress. People in the audience said the dress was a teal color (light blue) but on TV we clearly saw a black and white dress. Well apparently this dress can do some magical tricks, some sort of an optical illusion, or there is a simple explanation. She changed clothes. Here are close-ups of the two dresses, plus her shoes. Mystery solved! Oh! and I see Miss Keys.

alicia keys bet awards dress BET Awards: Alicia Keys Best Dress, Mystery Dress

alicia keys bet awards dress21 BET Awards: Alicia Keys Best Dress, Mystery Dress

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  1. The black and silver dress is better, it goes with her hair.

  2. I think so, she was glowing last night. I guess love can really change a person’s confidence.

  3. Alica Keys is my kind of lady! 360 degrees 100percent woman.Some people got the idea that being real you got to be loud ,crass, illmannered…unable to use a knife and forkand always ready to kick someones ass.You can see in her eyes her softspoken toughness and demure attitude creates a sexymagic strength that can only come from the streets

  4. i would like to know the designers name of those dress, i really like it, i want to buy it does any one know the name of the dress and who made it.

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