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Yami Tells Chris Brown Side Of The Story; Chris Brown Self-Defense

Posted by on Jun 9, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Rumor Control, Videos | 26 comments

UPDATE: Sorry, you missed it. The video has been yanked.

Move over TMZ, TheYBF.com has the breaking stories on lock (I guess they were on twitter last night). I was on google trying to find out the court date for the Chris Rihanna Gate, and I cam across this video of a girl named Yami (pictured here), who’s friends with Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor.  According to Yami, Chris Brown was acting in self defense and she tells us Rihanna is not what she seems:

No one is showing pictures of his face, no one is showing his face picture, she [expletive] him up…She’s trying to be the victim, and she’s been [expletive] him up for a minute… She stay fighting him all the time…her mouth is wreckless…She stay embarassing him in fromt of people and her mouth is [expletive] reckless. She’s [Rihanna] crazy, she’s [expletive] crazy.

This video comes right after all the publicity from Pleaure P Album Release Party. If you dare you can watch the video below. It is long and it’s a bunch of ramblings, but around the 29:30 mark, she starts talking about the fight between Chris Brown.

WARNING: If you are at work, don’t bother because this young “lady” has a foul mouth. (NSFW)

If anyone defends Chris Brown they are considered condoners of abuse, and that is not true. There are two sides to a story and his side hasn’t come out, yet. I maintian they are both young, and we will probably never know what really happened in that car. What I don’t like is that neither one of them is using this as an opportunity to teach.

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Nas & Kelis: SexTape, Infidelity, Domestic Violence!

Posted by on Jun 9, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes, Celebrity Wives | 4 comments

nas and kelis Nas & Kelis: SexTape, Infidelity, Domestic Violence!

Things are definitely getting ugly in the Nas and Kelis divorce proceedings. Several months ago rumors surfaced that there was trouble bruding between the couple, the existence of a sex tape between Kelis and another rapper, Nas’ mistrust and anger toward Kelis. Then Kelis announces that she was pregnant and it seemes, at least  for a while, that all was good in Nas and Kelis land. Not long after the couple seperates and Kelis filed for a divorce.

Now The Daily News is reporting that there may be more to the story. According to the news source Nas has been physically abusive toward Kelis.

It’s bad enough that Nas supposedly threw a glass of Patron in Kelis’ face before abandoning her at a London club, if all the sordid-but-juicy details about their split in The MOST!, Vibe’s new tabloid, are correct. But last week, Nas thought it was a classy idea to post photos of himself partying with groupies on Turks and Caicos— even as his estranged wife sat home, eight months pregnant. Nas’ rep didn’t return our call, and Kelis — who filed for divorce in April — had no comment. But on Thursday, the singer commented for herself on Twitter. “All the s— bag coward husbands and the less-than-impressive sluts unite! You can all go down in flames together! Hooray!”

- The NY Daily News
Man, just when you think it couldn’t get any worst, it did.
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Kelly Rowland Gets A New Manager

Posted by on Jun 9, 2009 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes | 1 comment

kelly rowland and matthew knowles Kelly Rowland Gets A New Manager

After parting ways with long time manager Matthew Knowles and his label Music World Entertainment earlier this year, Kelly Rowland’s career seemed doomed.

But being the true survivor Rowland signed on as co-host of the hit reality show The Fashion Show on BravoTV, is in the works on her third album and has now chosen a new manager, Jeff Ranham, Kelis’ old manager.

Rumors are already circulating that Kelly and the Knowleses relationship is strained and former BFF Brandy is back in the picture. Its rumored that Kelly and Brand y parted ways due to Rowland’s strong ties and devotion to the Knowles family. Brandy even twittered about the reunion.

On the phone with @Kelly_Rowland..I am so blessed to have her back in my life:)

Congrats to Kelly and making new moves! Wishing you much success.

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