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Keyshia Cole Spotted With NBA Player Boyfriend

Remember when I reported that Keyshia was allegedlly dating Cleveland Cavaliar player Daniel Gibson? Well, the rumors were true.

The couple was spotted last night in ATL for a little a lone time together.

I hope this time Keyshia won’t end up singing how she got her heart broke.

keyshia cole spotted with nba boyfiend Keyshia Cole Spotted With NBA Player Boyfriendkeyshia cole spotted with nba boyfiend 2 Keyshia Cole Spotted With NBA Player Boyfriend

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  1. Boobie better be gettin’ his “J” ready for Orlando, ’cause they ain’t no joke!

  2. they look so cute together!!!!
    im happy 4 keyshia
    much luv

    • @shanda, I no right they are amazing together

    • @shanda, hey ummmm you so cool but yea i think they look good 2gether you got good taste

  3. I don’t think that their relationship is going to work out not hating on them but she could have done better than Boobie. I know a female that messed with him and she is a bopper and she hop on anything walking so Keyshia remember he is a athlete yall live 12 hrs apart think about it. I don’t want you to start talking about “Let It Go” again.

    • @Tee-Tee,f teetee this isyoung gezz

    • LadyM
      Stop hating and get a life. Keyshia do you boo. I think yall look good together. You mad cause that’s not you boo.

  4. go head boobie and keyshia congrats

  5. I guess do yo thang Keyshia just be careful.

  6. Awww I think they’re cute, he’s a much better choice than triflin ass Young Jeezy. Yuck.But dude has a hell of a responsibility cuz if he screws up we gon get The Way It Is part 2. And she got him tatted on her already so I really hope it works out for them.

  7. i am happy for keyshia cole if she is happy because she deserve it but im set it straight , for one i love keyshia and i aint hating im just stating the facts one she is too old for boobie is young and she is going on 28 and hes 23 she is thinking about marriage and kids pretty soon and hes prolly not thinking that right now and for one he is a basketball player, basketball players are never faithful at all and its hard for them to say so cuz when they go on tour for games hoes are lined up at the bus stop waiting for them or sneak past security and wait for them by their hotel rooms hoes are very slick, so unless keyshia cole is gonna be like the basketball player wife that quit her job and follow him on game that would be the only way he stay faithful and second … im starting to believe young jeezy about teh marriage thing cuz thats how people get hurt keyshia wear her heart on her sleeve and just into love easily she just gonna get hurt. how the hell your gonna tattoo someones name on you when your only been dating him for 3 months and your not married to him that is so dumb but she have money if it dont work out she can have it taken off but thats dumb i wouldnt even put someone im married to name on me cuz there is always divorce.wow keyshia im starting to not trust your judgement when it comes to men im looking forward to your next letgo it part 2 song smfh think before you go head over heels over men. cuz they may not feel teh smae about u. he didnt even tattoo her name on him uuggghh im so damn disappointed in her alot smfh how many times she have to get burned before she learn.. i guess three is a charm i guess i really dotn know.

    • @the truth, I really hope she knows what she is doing. The age doesn’t matter, he looks very mature. Go get marry, don’t be like… Have something in life besides a good time. good luck girl

      • @, hey ummm r u jealous

      • @, we making comments bout keisha and we dont know her from a can of paint, let her do her and she get hurt then she will find out the hard way.

    • @the truth, It ok you only live once and you learn by the mistakes you make in life. The tattoo is ok, because she can always say its my son and not her mans being she named her son after him, so its win win, shes a smart women, only time will tell

    • @the truth, you are a stupid, ignorant,worthless peice of shit.You are the type of person that hate to see someone happy. Keisha is happy damit so leave her alone. And by the way learn how to spell dumbass.

  8. iwas hurt so many times by guys i feel where she’s coming from but what i learned was you never show a guy you’r desperate i wish her the best.the easiest thing to do in a relationship is leave.

  9. 1st I jus want to say that I hate when yall people r saying the relationship won’t work.I jus feel that yall r jealousbcuz its not yall dating him.Man jus be happy 4 them n what she’s accomplished I know I am . Dang I hope whenever I make it big n I date a woman people don’t do this kinda stuff saying it won’t work.~Mrllcj~

  10. I hope that they have found true love. It does look bad when a person tats someone name on them and the other one has not,to me that would be a sign. Someone that has had the life she has lived often do seek love and acceptance. I pray for her and her family.

  11. Why didn’t Keisha make an appearance on Frankie and Neffe’s show?

  12. OMG! they look so cute togather…. i think this is a good start for keyshia cole because her lasts realtionships have been horrible. but her and bobbie will make it. or they will have a prefect realtionship. THEY SHOULD BE THE NEXT HIP HOP/NBA PLAYER COUPLE!!!!<3

  13. girl am realy happy 4 u i just hope for the best with you and that guy i would hate to hear that ur being hurt again i love you girl.”Teara”.

  14. they need to stop haten age ant nothing but a number i love me some keykey but i dont like hater i no for a fact thay done did it before i know they thinking they spening the truth but they r not stop being so messy and leave keyshie and her man only

  15. ya really do need to stop hating on my gurl keyshia because all i do is wish the best for her some of ya haters need to do the same ya feel me!!

  16. they r a really cute couple. she’s very pretty and he’s fine lol. they r gonna have a cute baby!

  17. they look so kcute together n i hope he treat her right cuz she deserves all of it!!!she has been thru so much thru out the years n finally she found a man that will/shuld treat her rite!!!KEYSHIA COLE yhu is mi gurl i luv u to death even though i dnt kno u personally!!!i still luv u!!!KEYSHIA COLE & BOOBIE CONGRATZ!!


  19. I’m very happy for Keyshia. I think she’s going to make a great mother because she has a great heart. This coming from a mother of grown children. She know that there are going to be some haters but we all know that haters have nothing more to do but hate. i wish Keyshia and Bobby the best with their new addition. God Bless!!!

  20. keyshia cole my name is angela

  21. Hate to say it tee tee but boobie is not ugly.. nowhere near. id hate to see your man.. and for you others instead of hating you need to get a life really…. thanks ya girl lady-k

  22. girl i’m happy for yall i hope yall the best!!!!!!!

  23. don’t worry about the haters they suppose to keep u moving!

  24. I am proud keisha found someone who isn’t afraid of to say he wants to be with her. Most men don’t know what they want until it’s too late. Im very proud of her and I just want her to keep God first in everything she do and she will be Ok…Congrats on finding Love!!!!!You Deserve to be Happy!!!


    • @mrsbrazile,go kick rocks who r u to say something about someones folks.

  26. im happy for yu keyshia babe…aww yo man look good too! …fuck wat dese hoes talking bout on god dey hatin cause they desperate ass aint found love cause they too UGLY!!HAHAH IMMA BAD BITCH IMMA IMMA BAD BITCH!

  27. May God bless you and the new baby and of course your boyfriend. Age is just a number, it is the maturity of a person that young. The two of you are a beautiful couple,take of your newborn and the two of you raise the child together show all the love for him and keep him in all your prayers. time to settle down and be responsible the two of you.
    God bless you.

    • @Cutie Girl, yes it is the maturity level of the individuals not the number.

  28. don’t let any1 disturb yo happiness coz u deserve it gyz!bg up cole i luv uuuu so much!!

  29. Love Keyshia Cole No Homo But make sure it work cause you have a hottie in your hands he is sexy!!!!!

  30. Heyy i think his a really nice guy. If keyshia like him and love him well thats what matters.

  31. i think keshia n boobie make a good couple

  32. i think keshia should have had a baby girl keshia keep do good work up

  33. yall now my brother play nba his name is marquis daniels play for the boston celtics

  34. my brother play nba he play for the boston celtics

  35. Well it is wat it is. I don’t like da bitch but u can’t help who u fall n luv wit. Ha personal life is ha business. And just because sum 1 is disagreeing wit the relationship does not make them a hater. Its their opinion. Half of u mfs need 2 luk da word up and find da true meaning. So just because I don’t like da bitch don’t make me a hater. I just don’t like ha music. Its very depressing 2 me cause all she talk about is a nigga fukn ova ha. I’m just sayn.

    • @RAE RAE, aye rae rae whatevah yo name ihz yhu really need stop hatin keyshia do yhu boo nd rae rae do yhu stop hatin nd geht a real job like i said keyshia do yhu boo im jus sayin

  36. iam so happy for keishia she takes me as a very deserving woman of a good man so good luck keishia in whatever ur heart desires.

  37. @LadyM, thtz watzuhp people really needvto stop hatin

  38. guh imma snatch hiim from yoou watch meh he fine guh lmao

  39. I wish u best of love

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