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Cassie Computer Hacked? Nude Pictures Posted Online!

I’m so tired of women using their bodies to get ahead in this business. It seems the only way to gain some publicity is to take it off for the cameras. The first message I received this morning was from Zack Taylor, “Singer Cassie Caught Naked On Webcam”. I just wanted to SMH! Not again, not another one. After shaving half her head, I can’t help but think this is a desperate ploy to sell an album.

According to Cassie’s twitter page, someone hacked into her computer. Yeah Right!

cassie twitter page Cassie Computer Hacked? Nude Pictures Posted Online!


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  1. “leaked” my ass…she/her people are behind this

  2. diddy did it!

  3. You know what, the blogs needed some buzz, and at first I was outraged, but if she’s going to use her body, then we all should jump on for the ride.

  4. shit…i wanna get my nipples pierced now

  5. hey cassie y talk about some one hacking into ur system, it’s kindda cool u know, cos m a great fan of your’s and it feels good 2 have ur “titties” on ma monitor :D


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