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Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!

In a recent press conference Ashanti stopped by to promote her upcoming project, an off-Broadway production of The Wiz. The production to set to start sometime this summer.

ashanti promotes the wiz 5 Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!ashanti promotes the wiz 4 1 Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!

ashanti promotes the wiz Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!ashanti promotes the wiz 2 Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!ashanti promotes the wiz 3 Ashanti Promotes The Wiz!

For someone who is about to be dropped from her record label, she sure seems unfazed by the drama. And looks great!

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  1. When one door shuts… sometimes in your face….another door graciously opens….Yes she looks beautiful and happy! The Wiz will bring all the major record companies offering her a contract. She has a very bright future ahead!!!!

    “Just giving credit where credit is due”

  2. Has she been taking guerilla voice lessons or something? Those are some serious songs, and last time I checked, Shanti was no Stephanie Mills.

  3. …my ears couldn’t take her singing for that long, but ms lady is killing that dress…she was looking extra fine yesterday-

  4. Ginger:

    I see you, Team Ashanti. I really need to see how she does in the Wiz.

  5. @ Anon Nupe:

    I know you see where I’m at, we are on the same page. So, I will not say anything mean, until after a see a youtube video of Ashanti as Dorothy. Just know, I’m scared…

  6. @ Quick:

    You win the same something nice challenge of the day! Yes, she can’t sing, but she looks nice!

  7. Ashanti is still a sight for sour eyes. A lot of folks didn’t like her voice, but I thought she was pretty talented.

  8. ughhh yall are some haters i love shanti and she CAN sing and did great in the musical

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