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Juicy Tidbits: Who Still Cares About Rihanna & Chris Brown; I’m Over It!

Posted by on May 12, 2009 in CC's Fashion Post, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Kids, Rumor Control | 3 comments

Today news is swirling about Rihanna going after Chris Brown in her new song Silly Boy, and I’m really like I don’t care. It’s only for the money, if you really wanted to go after him, show up in court, have a summit and talk to teens about abuse, release a statement through your publicist about domestic violence. Instead we get, “Let me see how I can use this to advance my career mentality.” Kanye West who should be a mentor leaks the lyrics. SMH!

Check this out, at the same time Chris Brown’s back-up dancer releases a video calling Rihanna out of her name, and saying she hit Chris Brown first. Once again, who cares?  Chris Brown hasn’t released a statement, hasn’t taken a stance against domestic violence. But, he was quick to deny the rumors that he leaked the nude pics of Rihanna.

Who’s advising these children? At this point that’s what I feel ike they are. Two spoiled children that’s running away from reality, instead using this opportunity as a learning and teaching moment. This is why stars can’t be role models, they will make money off your children, and that’s about it.

chris brown rihanna Juicy Tidbits: Who Still Cares About Rihanna & Chris Brown; Im Over It!

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Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Ebony Magazine

Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Celebrity News | 1 comment

jada covers ebony magazine Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Ebony Magazine

The beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith recently sat down with Ebony mag for its latest issue to shed some light on how she does it! How she is able to hold her family together, be a great mother, an encouraging wife, an actress and a musician. Check it out.

“You want people to talk about you, because once they stop talking about you that’s when you’re really in trouble! I’m happy to have people talk about all the craziness they want to talk about, whether it’s things like every year we’re getting divorced or we’re an open family or Will’s gay, or I’m gay.”

On how she makes her marriage work…

“People always ask me, ‘Will, he’s the biggest movie star in the world and we ain’t never heard of him with anybody. How do you keep him from stepping out on you?’” “I’m not that powerful,” she confesses. “I wish I could say it’s because I’m a bad chick. What it has to do with is Will’s relationship with God and who he wants to be as a man for God.”

On rumors about the New Village Leadership Academy…

“All I can say is it is not a Scientology school. Now, If you don’t trust me, and you are questioning my integrity, that’s a whole different matter. That is straight evil to think that I would bring families into that educational institution and then try to get them to convert into some religion.”

On their decision to home school…

“I didn’t want my children around other privileged kids who felt entitled. I didn’t want them to be around just one type of person.”

On spending time with the kids…

“A lot of time, we just sit at home and watch movies together,” she says. “I like to bake with the kids – 7UP cake is our favorite.”

On divorce…

“When Will asked me to get married, I said, ‘Understand this, there will be no divorce. So, you might be in one bedroom and I might be in another, but we’re gonna be under the same roof and we’re gonna be married.’”

On religion…

“I believe the worst thing a human being can do to another human being is to take away their God. At the end of the day all we’re trying to do is figure out how to live this life and be fulfilled.” [Source]

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Spotted: Tyra Banks At LAX Airport

Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Celebrity News | 1 comment

Tyra was spotted arrived at LAX airport yesterday after her trip to Washington D.C. for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

tyra banks arriving at lax airport Spotted: Tyra Banks At LAX Airporttyra banks arriving at lax airport 2 Spotted: Tyra Banks At LAX Airport

I think I like Tyra’s hair this color. It’s more suiting for her face.

Speaking of hair, Tyra will be talking about the African American stigma of what is “Good Hair” on her show today. This should be interesting. It’s sure to stir up some controversy. Check it out.

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(Photo) Lauren London Baby Bump: 5 Months Pregnant With Lil’ Wayne’s Baby!

Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Juicy Gossip, Rumor Control, Videos | 54 comments

UPDATE: Lauren London had a baby boy, and we finally know the name of the baby. His name is Cameron, and so far, no pictures yet.

Here is the money shot. Picture of Lauren London’s pregnant belly:

lauren london baby bump (Photo) Lauren London Baby Bump: 5 Months Pregnant With Lil Waynes Baby!


UPDATE: Say it’s not so, but now rumors are circulating that Nivea is also pregnant by Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is not playing, right now. He has gone into overdrive. This will make his 4th child, 3 of which will be less than a year apart, 2 of which are only months apart. Story is developing…

And now onto to Lauren London.

lauren london complex mag spread 51 (Photo) Lauren London Baby Bump: 5 Months Pregnant With Lil Waynes Baby!

Rumor has it that actress Lauren London is now 5 months pregnant by rapper Lil’ Wayne. Although her reps have yet to confirm the pregnancy, Lauren has been M.I.A at red carpet events and hasn’t signed up for any movie roles pending the arrival of her first child.

Rumors were circulating a while back that Lauren and Lil’ Wayne were dating, but I thought that was disputed when it was announced that he was in fact dating The Dream’s ex and R&B singer  Nivea.

visit: cottenkandi.com

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