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Rumor Control: Gabrielle Union Pregnant by NBA Star Dwayne Wade + Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Really Are Pregnant

I know Gabrielle hates when we bloggers speak her name except when promoting her bad movies, but this time Gabby, the Chicago Sun Times is saying that the rumor of Dayne Wade telling teammates that he got you pregnant are actually false. According to a Chicago Sun Times source:

Maybe a few of Dwyane Wade’s teammates were pulling a belated April’s Fool joke on him, but Wade’s Chicago-based sports agent Henry I. Thomas insists there’s no truth to stories circulating about the NBA star telling people Gabrielle Union is expecting his baby.


I hope Gabrielle Union knows this officially puts her on preggers watch. It will take about six months to debunk this rumor. Anyway, Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are showing us that black Hollywood love can last the test of times and rumors. Tisha Campbell was out shopping in what looks like some support hosiery (I am not mad at you). From the looks of it, her due date is close. Work it out now…



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