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Rihanna & Chris Brown Living Together??? + Chris Brown Sightings

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “a friend” of Rihanna admits that Chris Brown and Rihanna are still together, and goes as far as to say “living together”. After several talks with Rihanna to leave him, this is what Rihanna “supposedly” had to say about the matter:

They have spent quite a few nights together. Unfortunately, Rihanna still wants him and has said to us all, ‘Get over yourselves. I’m with him, so deal with it.’ She has told us she won’t be going public with the relationship for a while.

chris brown shopping Rihanna & Chris Brown Living Together??? + Chris Brown Sightings

chris brown shopping3 Rihanna & Chris Brown Living Together??? + Chris Brown Sightings

[Picture Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN]

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  1. …i’m so done with this situation. If she wants to go back to him after what he did to her…that’s her choice. All i know is that she’s lost a lot of respect while his popularity seems to be growing-

  2. Neither one of them used this as growing opportunity. I know celebs want to protect their private lives, but when it spills over into public like this, I feel you have a moral obligation to take a stand.

  3. Time to move on folks; the show as we know it is losing steam. If she wants to be with him despite what he did, then it is her life to live and we’ve gotta respect that and focus on our lives post Chris/Rihanna squabbles.

  4. I think Chris is the dumb one in this case. They totally have shown they dont belong together and she was the one to instigate the whole fight in the first place? To me that says she is the one with serious issues. And she is known for being totally possessive and obsessive over him… BAD MOVE CHRIS!!! I still support him as an entertainer though!

  5. I think the media will milk this story until his last court date is over. Then it’ll get swept under the rug as some other celebrity fiasco unfolds.

  6. hai troppo styleeeeeeeeeeeeee fratellooo.. complimenti..
    sei il miglioriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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