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Kimora Lee Simmons’ Last Minute Baby Shower For OK! Magazine

Kimora Lee Simmons, 34, due this June, waited until the last minute to actually have a baby shower. “I’m about to have a baby,” says Kimora. “I’m ready to go, so it was kind of last minute and low-key,” she tells OK!.

The Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane star invited OK! to her L.A. home on April 19 to help celebrate the pending arrival of her son with actor Djimon Hounsou, 45. The former model already has two daughters, Ming Lee, 9 and Aoki Lee, 6 with ex-husband Russel Simmons. Although the couple do not know the sex of the baby, Kimora adds,“We’re leaning heavily toward the blue team!”

Guests included Stevie Wonder and Holly Robinson Peete

kimora lee simmons baby shower Kimora Lee Simmons Last Minute Baby Shower For OK! Magazine

kimora lee baby shower2 Kimora Lee Simmons Last Minute Baby Shower For OK! Magazine

kimora lee baby shower Kimora Lee Simmons Last Minute Baby Shower For OK! Magazine


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  1. …why do i feel like this shower was staged for OK Mag?…boo! lol

  2. - ” Kimora is expecting her third child w actor djimon ” is INCORRECT . It should be kimora is expecting her third child, her first w actor djimon…

    -If the baby is due in June this wasnt last minute. Last minute woulda been a June party.

    @Quick : I agree w u. This def was staged. I think K did it bc she hasnt been in the press . U know she loves the spotlight. Is baby phat still selling? Bc phatpharm aint.

  3. What’s really good with celebs having babies out of wedlock!? It’s be different if Kimora didn’t have two kids already that were products of a legal unity, now she is just around gettin’ knocked and not married.

    I just had to get that off of my chest.

  4. lilkunta:

    LOL! Coming to the sight just regulating, yes we need to get that corrected for you.

    I think she meant last minute as in “magazine planned” and not as in time frame.

    I think it’s cute, got everyone all deck out in blue…

  5. @ Quick:

    I will co-sign that too.

  6. Well, I’m slow again. I didn’t know she’d hooked up with Djimon Hounsou. If she doesn’t marry him, then I’ll guess it’s because after her settlement with Russell, she can’t chance losing that money in a marriage.

  7. @ Verite

    I know Djimon got some money, but not Kimora Lee Money, so I think this time around, she’s needs a pre-nup…

  8. i hate haters!!! kimora makes her own money russ handed the company over to her….HELLO they were already divorced! s

    • @Ché, WRONG! Russ stupidly sold Phat Pharm ( liek he stupidly sold defjam) to Kellwood for 14omill. Kellwood then fired him & promoted Kimora to CEO of phat pharm. I think that is why they really separated. PP is NY based, & all of a sudden Kimora moves to Cali. She couldnt stand being on the same coast as the man who made her? hmm. Then on her show she is constantly flying back to NY. STUPID> She shoulda just stayed in Cai where PP is based & so her daughters could be w their Dad.

      • correction to last sentence: She shoulda just stayed in NY where PP is based


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