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Keyshia Cole Come Get Your Mother, Frankie Off The Dance Floor

I have been blogging for almost two years, and I’ve thought I’ve seen everything. You would think by now, that nothing would surprise me, but Frankie, Keyshia Cole’s Mother, manages to amaze me every time. I hope they are doing weekly drug test because something tells me she’s been in the white out or the glue under the kitchen cabinet. Anyway YBF obtained some pictures of  Frankie as she hits the dance floor at Manny’s (Keyshia Cole Manager) Birthday Party.


[LOL! at Frankie giving them Chardonnay Bana-Splits]


[It’s not over, yes sir, it gets better. I think she’s now lost in the matrix.]



[They are just smiling like this is normal.]

Click here to see more pictures of Frankie…

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